Most powerful characters in super mario ranked

By: Addictedblogging

1. Bowser Most terrified Turtle who can even withstand the combined efforts of Mario, Peach, and Donkey Kong during their final battle in Brooklyn

2. Kamek Has powerful sorcery and magical powers with which he has defeated his enemies singlehandedly

3. Donkey Kong Brute Strength is the key for him and even wields the power of the fire plower.

4. Peach Peach dedicated herself in improving her abilities which led her in becoming one of the most formidable rulers in her realm.

5. Mario Mario with the right resources can hold his own against the likes of Bowser and Donkey Kong in the ring.

6. Luigi Luigi, who is Mario's fearful brother, lacks the same level of strength when it comes to combatting foes.

7. Toad Toad is considered the least powerful member and he did not have many opportunities to demonstrate his fighting abilities in the movie.