Top Apps to install on samsung galaxy watch 4


By: addictedblogging

1. Simplewear- This App lets you control your android device with the help of the watch.  From turning on flashlight to locking your device you can do it all with this app

2. Camera One- This App lets you control your phone camera from the watch itself. It also allows to record videos in non Samsung devices.

3. Macrodroid- This App lets you create specific macros and action blocks which helps to complete specific task on your phone via the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

4. Wear Mouse- Converts your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 into a real mouse which lets you control your computer or other device with the smart watch

5. Scientific Calculator- The only best scientific calculator app you can download on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

6. Google PDF Viewer- View and Read PDFs on the go once you have installed this app on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

7. Google Chrome- Best Full Fledged browser you can download for your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4  to browse and access internet on the watch itself.