Get Google Maps and direction alerts in Amazfit Gts 2 Mini

Hey guys, how are you doing? I am back with another video for my Addicted Blogging channel and in this video we will discuss about whether the Google Maps can be transferred to Amazfit Gts 2 Mini. So this will be a sick video guys as always. And if you are a tech enthusiast don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel and hit the bell notification icon because I will be bringing more videos like this. So first of all Amazfit Gts 2 Mini is a really great watch and this Google Maps transfer can be done in all Amazfit watches.
To transfer the Google Maps you have to download the notify app which you will get in the Play store. And once you download the notify app you have to connect to Mini with the notify app. And once you do so just open the notify app and you will get this option of maps. So this is a really great option. So if you click on maps you will see that there is an option where you can see that you can get custom app notifications regarding the Google Maps.
So if you go to the picture options you will get the settings in here and in here you see that you can either select it as a low quality or selected as a high quality. If you select a low quality the upload will be fast. That means the map will be synced with your image which it is too many faster and with a high quality it will be a slow upload but the map will be clearer in the watch. And here there is option of stock watch face. So if you disable the map in your phone then the stock watch face which will be with the map will be selected in your watch and will be on the watch of Amazfit Gts 2 Mini.
If you disable this then a custom watch face will be saved from the notify app after the map service has been stopped in your phone. So this you can uncheck and check. And also there is an option of remind mode. So here it is asking you that how many times you should be reminded and how much distance. After you will be reminded that there is a change in directions.
So it will resync and update the map in your watch every 500 meters and remind you that there is a direction change. You can also set the custom vibration here and also you can see here that whether it will show the simple direction in your Amazfit Gts 2 Mini or full screen map requires the phone screen to be on. So that you have to decide from here. And after you have selected all the options properly then you can sync the map to your Amazfit Gts 2 Mini. So I will sync the map now and show you how it will look.
I thought that it will give you the live direction on your Amazfit Gts 2 Mini but it is not like that, it will show you the map only on your watch. Still I will be showing how it looks on your Amazfit Gts 2 Mini. So I have already enabled the service and now I will open the map in my phone so that it will be synced in your Amazfit Gts 2 Mini and I can show you guys how it will look. So if I open the maps here you can see that if I select the direction and select a location and start a direction here, then it will show you that it will start recording or casting with the Notify for Amazfit. So you have to click on Start now and once you click on that make sure you have enabled this map in full screen and you can see that it will start transferring the map on your Amazfit Gts 2 Mini as a watch face and you will get this notification once it’s transferred you can see that it will show you the last screen on your phone and it will just sync the map with your Amazfit Gts 2 Mini.
So right now the map is in my phone. This map screen will be transferred to my Amazfit Gts 2 Mini and will be shown on the Smartwatch. So you don’t need to pick up the phone every time and see whether you are going in the right direction or not. So you can only look on the watch and see where you are going and it just syncs the map every now and then. So I do never lose the proper direction of this map on your watch.
Not like it will give you the direction and directly it will refresh on the watch but it is a screen of the map which will be shown on the Amazfit Gts 2 Mini and it will refresh every now and then so that you can get the location and the directions of the place where you want to go. So here it is showing me the location and refreshing the map in this Amazfit Gts 2 Mini every now and then. So you can set the interval to 500 meters or 1 km in the distance so it will refresh in a bit longer duration and that will be good for you because if it refreshes every now and then it will be a high battery usage for your Amazfit Gts 2 Mini. Make sure you are selecting the options right so it will be synced on your Amazfit Gts 2 Mini properly and you can view the map without taking out your phone to get the map and directions. So that’s a really nifty option that the Notify app for Amazfit devices has added.
But this option is not available in the free version of Notify. You have to get a pro version. Then you will get this option with which you can see the map on your watch. I will see what other functions are there. So you will get this custom notification that whenever you will be changing direction or nearby to the location where you want to go, it will give you a notification on this Amazfit Gts 2 Mini.
Also in the custom vibration, you can set which type of vibration it will give when you will be turning left or which type of vibration it will give if you are about to go right like that, you can set custom vibration for the directions so it will be easier for you to navigate. And also if you make it a little bit longer in here about 1000 meters, it will remind you about the direction change and refresh the watch face on your Amazfit Gts 2 Mini a bit longer than usual. So right now I’m not moving. That’s why it is refreshing. Every now and then it is not giving me the notifications which are the custom notifications.
But if you start moving and going towards the direction then you can get these custom notifications and also you can set the reminder of this direction change as per your requirement. So I think you like the video. If you liked the video, don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell notification icon because I will be bringing more videos like this. So thank you guys. Have a great day.
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