Samsung Prepares Galaxy Watch FE: A Fresh Take on an Affordable Classic

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE:

Samsung is preparing to launch a new smartwatch, but it won’t be just the Galaxy Watch 7. Instead, the company seems to be working on a Fan Edition (FE) of the Galaxy Watch, suggesting a notable release of the model in 2024. This new edition is rumored to be named the ‘Galaxy Watch FE’ and could offer a fresh take on the classic Galaxy Watch 4 design.

The Fan Edition concept is already present in Samsung’s smartphone and tablet lineups but would be a first for their smartwatches. The Galaxy Watch FE is set to feature three variations, each indicated by model numbers starting with SM-R866, potentially representing global, US, and South Korean versions.

Interestingly, the SM-R866 model number closely mirrors the root model number of the 40mm Galaxy Watch 4, suggesting the Galaxy Watch FE may be available only in this smaller size. While the leak does not provide specific details on how Samsung will differentiate the FE from the original Galaxy Watch 4, speculation includes potential updates to design and speed while maintaining a balance in features.

The Galaxy Watch FE could be launched around the same time as the Galaxy Watch 7 and 7 Pro, which are expected to debut this summer. The FE model might feature a new chipset, such as the 3nm Exynos W940 chip, and could act as an affordable entry point for Android smartwatch enthusiasts who don’t require top-tier features.

Samsung often launches its Fan Edition devices after the mainline models to avoid undercutting sales, so the FE may follow the debut of the Galaxy Watch 7. In addition to these smartwatch releases, Samsung has plans to launch the Galaxy Ring later in the year and is expected to introduce the Galaxy Fit 3 fitness tracker soon.


This upcoming Galaxy Watch FE aims to offer a budget-friendly option for those seeking a blend of the Galaxy Watch 4’s features with potential enhancements and a more affordable price tag. If these rumors hold true, 2024 could be a significant year for Samsung’s wearable technology.

Written by Kaushik N – Medium

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