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Best Apps for the month — April 2024

This month, I’m going to share 4 apps and 1 game. I will be providing links for each app. Do try them out!

  1. Teux deux — TeuxDeux is a sleek and intuitive to-do list app designed to streamline task management and boost productivity. With its clean interface and straightforward functionality, TeuxDeux allows users to easily organize their daily schedules and keep track of important tasks. It is primarily a planner designed to plan your week ahead.

2. Arc — Arc is a file transfer application designed to facilitate seamless sharing of files between devices. It aims to simplify the process of transferring files across different platforms, offering convenience and efficiency to users. Additionally, it provides advanced features like secure transfers and cross-platform compatibility for enhanced file sharing.

3. Image toolbox — With its array of editing tools and conversion capabilities, this app elevates your mobile editing experience to new heights. Whether you’re looking to enhance your photos or seamlessly convert between different image formats, Image Toolbox delivers unparalleled convenience and versatility right at your fingertips. Moreover, it offers batch processing and integration with popular social media platforms for seamless sharing of edited images.

4. Awake — Awake is a cutting-edge alarm clock app that goes beyond traditional wake-up calls. It leverages intelligent algorithms to analyze sleep patterns and wakes users up at the optimal time, ensuring a more refreshed start to the day. Additionally, it offers customizable wake-up sounds and snooze options for a personalized wake-up experience.

5. Okay? -With its minimalist design and intuitive gameplay, “Okay?” challenges players to solve puzzles by interacting with various elements on the screen, offering a refreshing and engaging gaming experience. However, some users have reported that certain levels are frustratingly difficult as they rely more on luck than skill. Increasing the content while maintaining the essence of the game could enhance the overall experience for players.

Thanks a lot for making it to the end. Hope you like the recommendations. Will make sure to come up with useful recommendations every month.

Written by Kaushik N – Medium

Galaxy Watch 5 and 6 Receives New Security Patch to Connect to Smart TVStay on Top of the Game with FotMob for Wear OS

Samsung Prepares Galaxy Watch FE: A Fresh Take on an Affordable Classic

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE:

Samsung is preparing to launch a new smartwatch, but it won’t be just the Galaxy Watch 7. Instead, the company seems to be working on a Fan Edition (FE) of the Galaxy Watch, suggesting a notable release of the model in 2024. This new edition is rumored to be named the ‘Galaxy Watch FE’ and could offer a fresh take on the classic Galaxy Watch 4 design.

The Fan Edition concept is already present in Samsung’s smartphone and tablet lineups but would be a first for their smartwatches. The Galaxy Watch FE is set to feature three variations, each indicated by model numbers starting with SM-R866, potentially representing global, US, and South Korean versions.

Interestingly, the SM-R866 model number closely mirrors the root model number of the 40mm Galaxy Watch 4, suggesting the Galaxy Watch FE may be available only in this smaller size. While the leak does not provide specific details on how Samsung will differentiate the FE from the original Galaxy Watch 4, speculation includes potential updates to design and speed while maintaining a balance in features.

The Galaxy Watch FE could be launched around the same time as the Galaxy Watch 7 and 7 Pro, which are expected to debut this summer. The FE model might feature a new chipset, such as the 3nm Exynos W940 chip, and could act as an affordable entry point for Android smartwatch enthusiasts who don’t require top-tier features.

Samsung often launches its Fan Edition devices after the mainline models to avoid undercutting sales, so the FE may follow the debut of the Galaxy Watch 7. In addition to these smartwatch releases, Samsung has plans to launch the Galaxy Ring later in the year and is expected to introduce the Galaxy Fit 3 fitness tracker soon.


This upcoming Galaxy Watch FE aims to offer a budget-friendly option for those seeking a blend of the Galaxy Watch 4’s features with potential enhancements and a more affordable price tag. If these rumors hold true, 2024 could be a significant year for Samsung’s wearable technology.

Written by Kaushik N – Medium

Samsung Pay is available in your Galaxy Watch 4 but with a catch
WhatsApp Calling feature added in Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Anticipating the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Series: Rumors and Speculations

Anticipating the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Series: Rumors and Speculations.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Now

Introducing Wear OS 5 Integration

Rumors suggest that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series will be among the first to feature Wear OS 5, continuing the trend of pairing Samsung’s latest smartwatches with Google’s newest wearable software. This follows the precedent set by the Galaxy Watch 4’s launch with Wear OS 3, indicating a potential shift towards yearly major software updates in the smartwatch industry.

Enhanced Performance with a New Exynos Chip

Anticipation builds around the possibility of Samsung introducing an updated Exynos chip, likely the Exynos W940, in the Galaxy Watch 7 series. Following the pattern seen with the Galaxy Watch 6’s debut of the W930 chip, users can expect improved performance and efficiency. The presence of additional Exynos chips in development, identified as ‘5400’ and ‘6375’, opens door for potential advancements in processing power for Samsung’s upcoming smartwatches.

Extended Battery Life for the Pro Mode

Leaked information suggests that the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro model could boast an impressive battery life, thanks to a substantial 578mAh battery unit. This capacity surpasses that of its predecessor and hints at a return to multi-day battery life, a feature highly sought after by users. With the Galaxy Watch 6 models offering approximately 40 hours of battery life, the anticipated Pro edition promises to deliver a significant improvement in endurance, catering to users with active lifestyles.

Predicting the Return of the Pro Edition

Speculation is regarding the return of the ‘Pro’ edition alongside the Galaxy Watch 7 series. Following a pattern observed in previous releases, Samsung alternates between introducing a ‘Pro’ model and a ‘Classic’ edition with each series iteration. Considering this trend, it’s highly probable that the Galaxy Watch 7 lineup will include a Pro model. However, there’s no definitive confirmation at this stage, leaving room for anticipation and further leaks leading up to the official unveiling.

Expanding on these key points provides a comprehensive overview of the potential features and enhancements awaiting users in the eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series.

Written by Kaushik N – Medium

Galaxy Watch 5 and 6 Receives New Security Patch to Connect to Smart TV
Stay on Top of the Game with FotMob for Wear OS

Shazam Makes Your Wrist Sing with Standalone Wear OS App

Shazam Makes Your Wrist Sing with Standalone Wear OS App. Music lovers with Wear OS smartwatches rejoice! Shazam, the popular music identification app, recently rolled out a significant update that enhances the experience on your wrist. This update, as reported by 9to5Google on March 28th, 2024, brings independence to the Wear OS app, eliminating the need for a connected phone for song recognition.

What’s New?

Previously, the Wear OS app relied on a paired phone to identify songs. This update changes the game by making the watch app self-sufficient. Now, you can identify music directly on your smartwatch, even without your phone nearby. Here’s a breakdown of the key improvements.

● Standalone Song Recognition: No more fumbling for your phone! Shazam on Wear OS now functions independently, identifying songs directly on your watch .

● Offline Recognition: Even without an internet connection, you can use Shazam to listen to a song and it will be identified when you reconnect.

● Real-time Syncing: Identified songs are instantly synced across all your devices, provided you’re logged in.

Improved User Experience

Beyond the technical advancements, the update also streamlines the user
experience. When a song is recognized, you’ll see the artist, title, and album art
displayed on your watch face. While a complication or tile for one-tap recognition
isn’t available yet, you can easily add the app icon to your watch face for quick

Looking Ahead

This update marks a significant step forward for Shazam on Wear OS. With standalone functionality and improved usability, it offers a more convenient way to identify music on the go. While a dedicated complication or tile would further enhance the experience, Shazam is definitely making waves in the smartwatch music identification space.

Written by Kaushik N – Medium

Galaxy Watch 5 and 6 Receives New Security Patch to Connect to Smart TVStay on Top of the Game with FotMob for Wear OS

Google Maps now shows public transit options on Galaxy Watch

Google Maps now shows public transit options on Galaxy Watch. During MWC 2024, Google unveiled a fresh addition to Google Maps for Wear OS. This is a feature enabling users to access public transit options for reaching specific destinations. The feature was there In the March 2024 Pixel Feature Drop event. Now it got rolled out.

According to a recent report from 9To5Google, this feature of public transit directions in version 11.119.0702.W of Google Maps for Wear OS is being implemented as a server-side change. If you have this version of the app on your watch. You should soon have access to the public transit option. If not, ensure that you update the app from the Google Play Store on your watch.

Google Maps now shows public transit, this new feature in Google Maps expands the search options to include Transit. Alongside Driving, Walking, and Cycling when you look up a destination. When you select the Transit option, the app provides detailed guidance. How to utilize public transportation, including directions to the nearest station, which bus or train to take, and the scheduled arrival/departure times for these modes of transport.

How to Download Galaxy Watch 6 Watch Faces on Watch 4.Top Free Minimalist Watch Faces to Download in Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

March 2024 update brings new features to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

March 2024 update brings new features to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Last week, Samsung introduced a fresh software update for the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in Korea. This update includes the latest security patch for March 2024 along with a new feature related to health for these two smartwatches. Now, Samsung is rolling out the same software update for the Galaxy Watch 4 series in India. After installing this update, the firmware version for the Galaxy Watch 4 should be updated to R860XXU1HXB7, and for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic to R870XXU1HXB7.

March 2024 update brings 45 security vulnerabilities. Additionally, the update introduces a health-related enhancement. According to Samsung, users can now conveniently view workout data from their Galaxy Watch 4 on a compatible Samsung TV or monitor while exercising. This feature eliminates the need to constantly glance at the smartwatch during workouts, offering a comprehensive overview of the session and facilitating more effective exercise routines.

Samsung has extended the identical security update and health-related addition to both the Galaxy Watch 5 series and the Galaxy Watch 6 series smartwatches. Speaking of updates, it’s notable that Google is introducing a new feature to Google Maps for Wear OS, allowing users to conveniently access public transit options for a specific destination directly from their wrist.

Make sure you are updating your Smartwatch to the latest version to get the best of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Also the fact that this watch is still getting updates is a big thing.

Stay on Top of the Game with FotMob for Wear OS
How to Download Galaxy Watch 6 Watch Faces on Watch 4.




The majority of wearOS users, especially Samsung Galaxy watch users report a slow or laggy interface over time and one of the most effective ways to tackle this issue is to wipe the cache partition. Over time, cached data can accumulate and become outdated or corrupted, leading to sluggish performance. Wiping the cache partition can help improve the overall speed and responsiveness of the device.  

WIPE DATA partition of Samsung Galaxy Watch

Follow the steps below to wipe the cache partition on your device :

  1. Ensure your Samsung Galaxy Watch is powered on and fully charged.
  2. Hold the “HOME” and “BACK” buttons simultaneously until the Samsung logo with “Rebooting” appears.
  3. Release both buttons immediately and now press the home button (top right) quickly one after the other.
  4. Use the “HOME” button to navigate to the “RECOVERY” menu option.
  5. Hold the “HOME” button to reboot the watch into Android recovery mode.
  6. In recovery mode, select “WIPE CACHE PARTITION” using the “BACK” button.
  7. Confirm the selection by pressing the “HOME” button and choose “YES” to execute the cache wipe.
  8. Wait for the process to complete, then select “Reboot Now” to restart the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Here are some reasons why you might want to wipe the cache partition :

  1. Performance Improvement: Over time, cached data can accumulate and become outdated or corrupted, leading to sluggish performance. Wiping the cache partition can help improve the overall speed and responsiveness of the device.
  1. Fixing App Issues: Sometimes, apps may misbehave or crash due to corrupted cache data. Clearing the cache partition can resolve such issues by removing the cached data associated with problematic apps.
  1. Freeing Up Storage Space: Cached data occupies storage space on the device. By clearing the cache partition, you can free up some storage space, albeit not a significant amount compared to deleting apps or media files.
  1. Resolving Software Glitches: If you encounter software glitches, bugs, or random errors on your Samsung Galaxy Watch, clearing the cache partition can sometimes resolve these issues by removing temporary files that might be causing conflicts.
  1. Preparing for Software Updates: Occasionally, performing a cache partition wipe is recommended before installing major software updates. This ensures a clean slate for the new software to be installed and minimizes the risk of compatibility issues.

It’s important to note that wiping the cache partition won’t delete any personal data or settings on your Samsung Galaxy Watch. However, it’s always a good practice to back up important data before performing any system-level operations, just to be safe. Additionally, the specific steps for wiping the cache partition may vary depending on the model of the Galaxy Watch and its operating system version, so it’s a good idea to consult the device’s user manual or Samsung’s support documentation for guidance.

Written by Kaushik N – Medium

Amoledwatchfaces: Putting a Feature-Packed Face on Your Wear OS Watch
Galaxy Watch 5 and 6 Receives New Security Patch to Connect to Smart TV

Amoledwatchfaces: Putting a Feature-Packed Face on Your Wear OS Watch

Amoledwatchfaces: Putting a Feature-Packed Face on Your Wear OS Watch. AMOLED displays ensure that their designs are not only beautiful but also battery-efficient, a key concern for smartwatch users.

AmoledWatchFaces for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

A Gallery of Watch Faces:

Amoledwatchfaces™ boasts a diverse collection of watch faces available on the Google Play Store. Whether you prefer a classic analog design, a sleek digital display, or something more modern and minimalist, there’s a face to suit your taste. Their offerings include:

  • Analog faces: For those who appreciate a traditional look, amoledwatchfaces™ offers watch faces with various complications, allowing you to see information like date, weather, and steps at a glance.
  • Digital faces: If you prefer a more modern aesthetic, their digital faces provide clear and concise timekeeping with additional features like customizable colors and information displays.
  • Minimalist faces: For the ultimate in simplicity, amoledwatchfaces™ offers minimalist designs that focus solely on essential information while maintaining a stylish look.

Beyond Aesthetics: Feature-Rich Functionality :

Amoledwatchfaces™ doesn’t stop at aesthetics. Their watch faces are loaded with features that enhance your smartwatch experience. Some of the functionalities you can expect include Customizable complications: Many watch faces allow you to choose the information you want to see displayed, such as steps, heart rate, weather, and more.

Always-on display optimization:

The designs are optimized for AMOLED displays, ensuring efficient battery usage even with the always-on feature enabled. Multiple color options: Personalize your watch face to match your style with a wide range of color options offered by many designs.

Making a Statement on Your Wrist, Affordably :

While some of the amoledwatchfaces™ designs are offered for free, a premium selection unlocks even more stunning visuals and advanced features. The good news is, their premium options are highly affordable and well worth the investment. They even frequently run promotions like their current buy one, get one free offer, making it an even sweeter deal to elevate your watch face collection.

So, if you’re looking to personalize your smartwatch experience with a watch face that’s both beautiful and functional, amoledwatchfaces™ is a developer worth checking out. With their free and premium options, you’re sure to find the perfect face to match your style and budget.

Written by Kaushik N – Medium

Stay on Top of the Game with FotMob for Wear OS
How to Download Galaxy Watch 6 Watch Faces on Watch 4.

Get All Nothing 2a Wallpapers on your phone

Get All Nothing 2a Wallpapers on your phone. The Nothing Phone 1 and Phone 2 have received the latest update to Nothing OS 2.5 firmware, which now includes Android 14. This new NOS 2.5 update brings a host of new features, such as the AI wallpaper generator. Additionally, Nothing Wallpapers has been upgraded to version 1.1.2, offering new options for home screen and lock screen backgrounds.

Best Apps for the month — March 2024

The recently launched Nothing Phone 2 now boasts wallpapers categorized into three sections: Wallpaper Studio, Nothing, and Colours. Furthermore, the revamped Nothing Wallpapers app is equipped with AI capabilities to produce captivating wallpapers. Additionally, users can craft their own wallpapers by pressing and holding an empty area on the home screen, selecting Wallpapers, and then tapping the Create option.

In the meantime, make sure to download the latest app listed below to access additional stock wallpapers. Additionally, don’t forget that we released the Nothing Launcher wallpapers some time ago.

Download All Nothing Wallpapers of Nothing Phone 2A in high resolution.

Update the Nothing Wallpaper app from Play Store

Nothing OS Launcher Wallpapers

Download high-resolution wallpapers of Nothing Phone 1’s OS Launcher. A total of 8 wallpapers are available for download on any smartphone.

Bonus: Nothing Launcher Wallpapers.

Nothing Phone Ringtones, Audio and System Sounds

Please find and download all the ringtones, audio files, and system sounds from the Nothing Phone 1. In total, there are 56 different tones, including ringtones, UI sounds, notifications, and alarm tones.

Make sure to download all the Nothing Os assets from the link in your phone.

Galaxy Watch 5 and 6 Receives New Security Patch to Connect to Smart TV

Square Design is coming in the latest Samsung Smartwatches

Control Music with Physical Buttons on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Square Design is coming in the latest Samsung Smartwatches. Some of you may already know the first watch launched. It was launched in 2013 with the name Samsung Galaxy Gear. It came with a 1.6-inch square-shaped Super AMOLED display, similar to other smartwatches of the era.

Reports are clear that Samsung may go to their Squarish design in the upcoming smartwatches. Although, if you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch you may be familiar with the circular design that is there. While it is well received, Samsung is going to shake things up here.

Samsung considers squarish design again

Samsung is considering a square-shaped design for its smartwatches. This is likely of earlier models like the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, and Gear Live. These models were released a decade ago and are surpassed by Samsung’s more recent circular smartwatch designs.

The Gear S2 marked Samsung’s shift to a circular design. Also features a physical rotating bezel, a design language maintained in subsequent models like the current Galaxy Watch 5 series. However, whether Samsung will return to a square design with the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 series is not confirmed. They can wait another year for such significant changes.

Internally, there’s enthusiastic consideration for this shift back to a square design, indicating it’s highly likely to happen. It will be intriguing to observe how Samsung executes this change. Also whether customers will embrace it in the future, especially considering the widespread affinity for the circular design of the Galaxy Watch series.

We will find out in the latest release of Samsung Galaxy Watches whether this can be a correct decision taken from the end of Samsung. However, for now we need to wait to find it out.

Galaxy Watch 5 and 6 Receives New Security Patch to Connect to Smart TV