How to Measure Temperature Via Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/5

Hey, guys Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has been a great smartwatch and now you can get the temperature sensor in this smartwatch with ease. If you are looking for tips and tricks on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 you are in the correct place. It is super easy to find out the temperature sensor and there are a number of ways to do this.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has been a great watch with a lot of features and updates and now we can also see the temperature in this watch itself. The first way to do this is by downloading one app from the Play Store which is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The app’s name is Thermometer, which is available in the Play Store you just need to install the app in the watch in order for it to work. It is super easy to install to get the temperature on your watch only.

There is another way also in which no app is required to be downloaded and this way can be the best way to do it. In this, you need to go to the dial pad of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and dial this number *#0*# and open the diagnostic menu to check the sensors of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Here, once you open this you need to go to the sensors tab and select it, once you tap on it a new window will open where it will show all the sensors up there. And if you scroll down you will be able to find the temperature sensor as well where you can find the temperature of the watch.

Please note, the temperature sensor shows the temperature of the watch, which is not necessarily our body temperature. And this sensor is available inside the watch to detect the temperature and prevent the watch from overheating while charging.

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