Redmi Writing Pad launched with exciting features in India at a price of Rs 599.

For all of the lovers of Xiaomi out there who adore the ecosystem and the extensive selection of devices the firm offers, this is an exciting time.

The Redmi Writing Pad is now available in India for an unbelievable price of just Rs. 599!
A portable, small, and robust writing pad is the Redmi Writing Pad. convenient to carry wherever can be used for taking notes, doodling, keeping a daily to-do list, and more.

Redmi Writing Pad is under 90 g. in weight. Its body is made of plastic, and a CR2016 replacement battery is included.
The item’s measurements are 21 cm by 14 cm by 0.5 cm.

The pad comes with an amazing stylus and depending on the amount of pressure used, the stylus’s strokes will fluctuate.

Children can safely use the screen for extended periods of time because it does not emit any light and reduces eye fatigue.
Customers that support environmentally friendly initiatives might use this pad because it prevents paper from being wasted.

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