Sync Fitness Data Between #Strava App and Samsung Health App

Hey guys in this video we will see how we can sync the data from the Samsung health app to this Strava App and for this you don’t require your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 as you all know that the Samsung Health App is a standalone app which can record all your data regarding the activities you will be doing all through the day. And you don’t need any smart watch or any activity tracker to track your activity it can track almost all the activity from your daily step count to the sleep tracking data, everything the Samsung health app can track and now you can directly sync the data from the Samsung health app to the Strava app which means you will be able to track every details of your activity in both the Apps.

In case you don’t have a smart watch, you can still track every data in here by using Samsung Health App and the Strava App. Watch the video to know all the details of this and how to configure it.

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