Rotating Google Pixel Watch Face for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

If you are looking for a good-looking watch face for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 you are in the correct place. The Rotating Google Pixel Watch Face can be one of the best-looking watch faces you can get on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The watch face that I am talking about is the Concentric Google Pixel Watch Face which you can download for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Top Free Minimalist Watch Faces to Download in Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Rotating Google Pixel Watch Face Looks

The watch face has a beautiful look in which it rotates and shows the time on the watch and also there are some complications that you can customize according to your choice. Clicking on the complications will directly take you to the App which is great. Also, it comes with a full Always On Display which looks really good. It shows you the time along with the complications directly on the watch face directly. The watch face design is implemented on the Google Pixel Watch and now it is also available for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Look of Concentric Watch Face

Edit the Watch Face as per your choice

On top of that, the Watch Face is completely free and also it can be edited as per your choice. You can change the color of the watch face and also the complications which are used in there. Also, there are a few styles of this particular watch face that you can choose from. Overall a really nice-looking watch face which you can download now on the watch. So the Watch Face is free and you can download it from the PlayStore. Once downloaded on the watch you can set it from the watch face list and the watch face will be set. Make sure you are downloading this for your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/5 and make your watch more beautiful.

You can download the Watch Face by visiting this link.

New Elegant Watch Face for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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