Adobe FireFly AI is bringing powerful AI features to Video Editing and Images.

Gone are the days when an expensive TV studio, advanced equipment, and a team of skilled professionals were necessary to create high-quality video content. Adobe has introduced new video tools that allow users to enhance, manipulate, and edit videos by just typing a few words, potentially making it easier to us. In March, Adobe unveiled Firefly, an AI image generation tool that simplifies image editing without ruining the work of photographers, artists, and other creators. Firefly was trained exclusively on Adobe’s stock image site, public domain content, and openly licensed work.

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Even with the apps like Photoshop and Lightroom, achieving the best image can require considerate talent and expertise. However, Adobe Firefly streamlines this process with the use of AI, to the extent that it can replace the real images clicked by the photographers. Users may only need to provide a description of the image and the image will be ready as per the AI. Although Firefly is still in beta, Adobe has said that the tool’s functions will extend to video editing as well, with certain features already identified. Adobe has guaranteed that the resulting videos will be “commercially safe” for the use which is really great.

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Filters can alter the appearance of video clips, enabling users to cool or warm colors to create somber or upbeat moods, respectively. However, finding the best comes with experimentation and experience. With Adobe Firefly, users can achieve the desired effect by simply describing it through text prompts. They can also make detailed modifications to their clips, like brightening a specific subject’s face and also increases the contrast of the subject.

Credit : Adobe

Adding text or title effects to a video can elevate its production value, even if it was made via AI. However, some animations often demand advanced animation expertise and knowledge of 3D rendering tools. With Adobe Firefly, users can describe the image or video, and the AI will generate the desired outcome instantaneously.

Credit : Adobe

With Adobe Firefly, users can produce custom sounds and music that is tailored to fit a specific mood or scene that comes with the video. These will be completely original compositions and already cleared for commercial use and makes video making with music a lot more easier than usual.

Although Adobe has allowed selected users to access Firefly’s image tools through a limited beta program, the new AI video tools will not be available completely until the end of the year. You can join the beta program by visiting the below link.

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