Flick Your Wrist to Make Calls in #Amazfit Gts 2 Mini

[Music] hey guys back with another video for my addictive blogging channel so in this video i will be telling you about one thing that can change the way entirely how you make calls by your phone but if i told you that you can just flick your wrist and make calls to different numbers that to why the msp gta is too many yes guess what you can do this and in this video we will be discussing About what is the process and how you can do this with the help of your phone and also dms feed gta 2 mini so as always this video will be a sick video guys and if you are taken to cs don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel and hit that bell notification up because i will be making more videos like this so for this you always need to download the notify app which is available in the play store once you have downloaded this you need to connect Your msv gts to mini vt notify app and at the same time you also need to connect it with zap app which is the official app for the msv gts2 mini so once they are connected you just need to come to the notify app make sure you can see the battery percentage here that means your watch has been connected with zap and to determine whether the notify app is connected with fidget is too many or not you can try to vibrate the watch and see whether the Vibration is working or not so here you will get the test vibrate option and the vibration is working so after you have connected the msp to me in both apps you just need to come to this icon and once you are here you need to come to the button option in the button option you need to come to the settings option in the settings you have to find this settings option and in the button mode first click and enable the performance mode option So performance mode will help your phone to support all the buttons which can be mapped with the ms5 gts2 mini and other functions also it’s like the developer mode where you can configure more buttons and get some more features for your amsp gta 2 mini once you have done that the button in the button mode will change to this pink color and after that you need to come to this button option again in the button option you have to come to custom Actions and once you just scroll down you will get this lift actions activated so in the lift actions what you need to do is you just need to click on the lift action and there will be a lot of options you have to select make a call option and click on ok once you have done that you need to click on these settings and configure the number here make sure you have disabled the other options from Here and only selecting this lift action option so in the settings configure a number which will be called when you will be flicking or raising your wrist so in the settings option let me configure the number which i want to call so here i have configured the number where i want to call once i will be lifting my msvgts2mini once it is done you just need to enable the option here make sure before enabling the option That your watch will be working as a gesture so whenever you will be lifting the watch it will make a call from your phone so make sure you are disabling this option when you will not be using it because it will make unnecessary calls to other numbers so let’s check now whether the option is working on now before performing the action make sure you have also enabled one settings in the msv gts2 mini That is in the settings you will get this option of lead upon wrist lift so make sure you have enabled this option also because if it is disabled it will not work so this is enabled right now and after that also check once the zap app is connected or not because as you can see that sometimes this ape app will be syncing the data from the msb gts2 mini so it just takes some time to connect Once it is connected this option will work so now let’s see whether this is working or not so i will be keeping my phone right here and i will be clicking my list so let’s see whether the call is going or not so i have just clicked my list and you can see the call is done in the number which is configured so the call is outgoing and the option is working let’s show you guys once Again so here you i am wearing the watch i am not touching the phone and i have kept the phone right here and i will just flick the arm here and you can see the call is outgoing from the watch so that means the option is working and you can configure this with any number and you can call anyone without touching the phone once the watch is connected to zpap and notify app Also there are other options which you can do that i will be discussing in other videos and these options 2x lift action and 3x lift actions i will be discussing about them also now i am just showing how you can lift your wrist or flick your wrist to make a call from the msp gts2 mini that is working fine right here right now so that’s it guys i hope you have liked this video if you like this video don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell notification up because i will be making more videos like this till then thank you guys have a great day thank you [Music]

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