WearGPT AI is now available in Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a great watch and with the advent of ChatGPT, we all wanted this AI in this smartwatch. However, till now there was no dedicated app but now Wear GPT is released for the watch which can be a great solution to get the Chat GPT on this smartwatch. 

Wear GPT can be a great AI Assistant you can have on this watch and it can answer all your queries on the go. It basically has ChatGPT on your wrist and can be a great alternative to the already available Google Assistant on the smartwatch.

The app is developed by Anuj M. & Yash M and is available in the Play Store for download. It accepts voice and keyboard input and answers queries right away on the watch.

Follow the steps below to download this on your smartwatch.

Go to Play Store and search for WearGPT and install the app. Once installed you can access and open the app from the app drawer.

Using the WearGPT is simple as you can ask queries via the voice input and keyboard and once asked it will process the query and answer it on the watch accordingly in an instant. You can also tap the speaker icon to listen to the answer.

Although it is not perfect and can’t replace Google Assistant it can do basic answering of your queries on the watch. Also, a certain tasks like note-taking, setting alarms and reminders, and getting directions are still not properly supported by this app and you need to use Google Assistant in those cases.

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