How to Measure ECG and Blood Pressure on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

The ECG and Blood Pressure measurement feature in the Samsung galaxy watch 4 is a really important feature you will be getting with the smartwatch but at the same time, it is not blocked and not working in most countries. So in this post let’s see how we can unlock the ECG and blood pressure measurement feature which features on the Samsung galaxy watch 4.

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So the first thing you need to do is download an APK file with the name Phone.WearOS.SHM.MOD. which is an important APK to install on your phone and this APK you can download from the link below.

Download Link – Phone.WearOS.SHM.MOD.

Once you have downloaded and installed the file on your phone you need to again download another file with the name Watch.SHM.MOD. which needs to be installed on your Samsung Galaxy watch 4.

Download link – Watch.SHM.MOD.

The installation process is really easy and you can watch the video here on how you can install it on your watch.

Once you have installed the app on your watch then you need to make sure you have also installed the Samsung Health app and your watch is connected with the Galaxy Wear App which is the official app for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Once you have completed all the steps you are ready to measure ECG and blood pressure from the smartwatch.

Credits: XDA

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  1. This process works much better than the process on xda ( I have to do a combination of steps from XDA and the steps listed here. **The 2 files here works for my US Samsung Watch 4. I have to repeat process a few times, take a 1/2 day break after several hours of frustration but do the following:
    1. Sideload the Samsun watch4 plugin. There should be no errors and you can goggle up several download sites and steps
    2. Install adb – google it up
    3. delete Samsung Health Monitor from yoru phone (I used Samsung S22) and clear cache/content on Wear app and any other Samsung Health app
    4. Follow steps above
    5. You will see 2 Health Monitor on your watch and it may reboot. If it does reboot, follow steps in this video again. It worked for me the 2nd retry.
    6. I kept the 2 Health monitor but use the last one (scroll to the bottom of your app list in your watch) and it should work. Goodluck

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