How to get Alexa on your Samsung Galaxy watch 4.

We all know that Alexa has been a great Voice Assistant and although Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes with the Google Assistant there has been always a need for an extra assistant to get the most out of this smartwatch. So now you can install Alexa on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and it is super easy to install this on this smartwatch.

Simply you need to install this app on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and I am sharing the link of this app below.

Link –

Once installed you will be able to ask Alexa numerous questions and also use it to your advantage. First, it will ask you for the permissions and you also need to log into your Amazon account to share the access to this app. Once you have done this you are ready to ask Alexa anything. You can ask Alexa about the latest news, also you can ask about the weather and the shopping list, and also you can set reminders and alarms directly from the smartwatch itself.

Also, there is a tile on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 which you can access as a shortcut to Alexa and you can also give voice commands directly on the watch.

So if you want a Voice Assistant which can be really useful apart from Google Assistant this is what you need and I will recommend you install Amazon Alexa on your Samsung Galaxy watch 4.

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