Set Your Own Text as Aod on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Set Your Own Text as Aod on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. If you are fond of watch faces then you are in the correct place my friend. You can download one of the most Customisable Watch Faces on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. And one downloaded you can not only customize the watch face, you can even add your own text of your choice and set it on the watch face. Also, this watch face comes with a full Aod, which will show the text on the Aod also. On top of that, numerous complications can be added. And that makes it one of the best watch face bundles you can get for your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. And I am talking about only one watch face, you will get more beautiful customizable watch faces on your watch.

So, to get the bundle of watch faces you need to download the App. Once installed you can change the watch faces from the watch face list in the watch and also change the complications as you want. All Watch Faces look amazing and the best part is you can even add text to the watch face and set it to show on AOD.

You can download it by visiting the below link – PlayStore

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