Activate Apple Universal Gestures on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (Wear OS)

Activate Apple Universal Gestures on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (Wear OS). Apple has recently introduced the Watch Series 9, featuring a novel function called ‘Double Tap,’. It enables users to execute specific tasks by simply pinching their fingers, eliminating the need to physically touch the screen. Now the owners of Galaxy Watches can also get this feature after the One UI 5 update.

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Universal Gestures in Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

This accessibility feature not only recognizes finger pinches as a gesture. At the same time also comprehends when a user clenches their fist or shakes their arm or wrist. These gestures detect movements in the user’s arms and wrists through a combination of sensors. And make them highly convenient for performing actions on the watch.

Once activated, Universal Gestures can carry out various actions. Such as navigating settings, launching applications, and scrolling through pages. Here’s a guide on how to enable and personalize ‘Universal Gestures’ on Galaxy Watch models 4, 5, and 6.

How to Activate Universal Gestures on Your Galaxy Watch:

  1. On your Galaxy Watch, swipe down from the display and tap the ‘Settings’ quick tile, represented by a gear-like icon.
  2. Scroll down and select ‘Accessibility.’ Within the ‘Interaction and dexterity’ section, locate the option labeled ‘Universal Gestures.’
  3. Enable this option, and you will gain access to several choices. In the ‘Activation gesture’ menu, you can opt to activate the feature when the screen is on or select from gestures like ‘shake,’ ‘nod,’ and ‘knock-knock’ to trigger the feature.
  4. After configuring your preferences, navigate to the ‘Gestures’ menu.
  5. Samsung also allows users to tailor these features to suit their preferences. Users have the freedom to assign actions like ‘Tap,’ ‘Next item,’ ‘Previous item,’ ‘Open Bixby,’ ‘Go to the previous screen,’ and more to their chosen gestures.

Top Features of One UI 5 Update for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

It’s important to note that when Universal Gestures are activated, a default yellow ring will appear on the smartwatch’s display. Additionally, we recommend customizing the Action menu with the correct settings since it can be cluttered in its default configuration.

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