WhatsApp Strengthens the Security of the App with these new Features.

Whatsapp has been one of the most popular messaging platforms and now Whatsapp is making sure that the messages sent through the app should be absolutely private and secure. Already Whatsapp has introduced the default end-to-end encryption feature, and now Whatsapp is adding extra layers of privacy and control to strengthen the security of the app.

These are the features that are recently added.

Account Protect: In case you need to configure Whatsapp on the new device, Whatsapp may ask you to verify that is really you. It may ask you to verify the switch on the old device and this will prevent any unauthorized switching of the account to other devices. This is the new extra security check which Whatsapp will verify from now on.

Device Verification: To protect the mobile device from any malware Whatsapp has added automatic device authentication methods which will authenticate the device you are using. This will add extra security and will prevent any other malware to take control of permissions in your device and send unwanted messages to other people.

Automatic Security Codes: Security codes will be introduced where the codes will be verified automatically so that you can chat with the intended recipient without any issues. This can be checked manually by going to the Encryption tab under a contact’s info. The company is releasing a security feature called “Key Transparency” to simplify and make the process more convenient for everyone. This feature enables you to automatically confirm that you have a secure connection, which makes it a lot more easier for the users.

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