How to Download Galaxy Watch 6 Watch Faces on Watch 4.

Galaxy Watch 6 Watch Faces

How to Download Galaxy Watch 6 Watch Faces on Watch 4. In the recent Galaxy Unpacked 2023 presentation, Samsung introduced the 6th iteration of their smartwatches, namely the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic. These watches are equipped with the latest One UI Watch 5 operating system, which is built upon Android 13. Concurrently, Samsung has initiated the One UI 5 Watch OS beta program for the Watch 4 and Watch 5 models. This program will incorporate the New Watch Faces that were demonstrated during the event.

Top Free Minimalist Watch Faces to Download in Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

In the preceding week, we provided the Galaxy Watch 6 (Classic) watch faces for direct download as standalone APK files. Today, Samsung has officially launched the Watch 6 watch faces on the Galaxy Store. Owners of the Watch 4 series and Watch 5 series can now access and download these fresh One UI 5 Watch OS watch faces.

Of particular note are the Perpetual and Sphere Number watch faces, which bear resemblance to the Pixel Watch faces. We are particularly thrilled about these new additions.

The collection of watch faces in the Galaxy Watch 6 lineup consists of eight distinct designs, each serving specific functions. Among the remarkable options is the Sleep Coaching face, which exhibits sleep quality metrics and delivers individualized recommendations.

Of considerable anticipation is the Perpetual watch face, reminiscent of the Radial face on the Pixel Watch. This face boasts a star map alongside indicators for the month and day.

Another noteworthy choice is the Stretched Time watch face, featuring a vintage aesthetic accompanied by customizable color and style preferences.

All Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Watch Faces

  • The Info Board watch face comes with expanded functionalities, encompassing sleep coaching and last workout details.
  • The Sleep Coaching watch face will assist users to enhance their sleep quality through personalized suggestions.
  • With the Daily Activity Number watch face, you can view your daily activity statistics such as steps taken, active duration, and calories expended.
  • The Funny Faces watch face provides an array of animated “creature” faces that you can cycle through.
  • The Fluid Number watch face boasts a minimalist design with a fluid-like effect upon tapping, accompanied by a variety of color combinations.
  • The Photo Sticker watch face empowers users to incorporate their own photos, complete with sections for tiles and emojis.
  • The Perpetual watch face bears a resemblance to the Pixel Watch’s Radial face and features a star map, along with indicators for the month and day.
  • The Stretched Time watch face showcases a vintage appearance with customizable style options and colors.
  • These fresh watch faces are accessible at no cost on the Galaxy Watch 6, and certain features might also be compatible with earlier versions through forthcoming updates.

How to Download Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Watch Faces on Watch 4

You can sideload the following APK files on your watch to install these Watch faces.

How to sideload watch faces APK on a smartwatch?

Best Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 that you should know.

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