WhatsApp’s New Feature Where Users can Edit Sent Messages is Coming Soon.

We all know that Whatsapp is the biggest messaging app we can get on our devices, however, WhatsApp is releasing consecutive new features this time. We have already seen recently that Whatsapp has released a new app for desktop users, also new features for groups and more are added. However, this time Whatsapp is introducing a new feature soon in which users will be able to edit the new messages which have been sent via iPhone.

WhatsApp is developing this new feature for future updates of the app in which users will be able to edit the sent messages in the chat, although right now the delete feature is available here. After the feature is introduced, users will be able to edit their sent messages in chat instead of deleting them entirely. The messages can be edited within a 15 min time frame after they are once sent. Hence, users will get more flexibility to edit the messages and send the correct messages once sent.

The feature will be added in future updates and is currently under development. The editing will be limited to messages instead of media captions and can be only done via the Whatsapp app.

Also, WhatsApp is developing a new short Video Message feature for iOS users which will allow users to send short videos of 60 seconds. With this feature, users will be able to record a video for a limited timeframe by pushing the camera button and sending it directly via the app.

Also, an improved version of the WhatsApp for Windows app has been released in which the performance of the app is improved and the interface is just like mobile devices. After the upgrade, users can conduct group video calls with up to eight people, as well as audio calls with up to 32 participants. Furthermore, WhatsApp has also introduced new features for group management where the admin can determine who can join the group using group links and much more.

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