Top ChatGPT alternatives you should be using right now to your advantage.

Top Chat GPT alternatives to try on

ChatGPT has been one of the best Open AI tools right now to solve all your questions and queries and unless you are not living under a rock, you should have heard of this already. ChatGPT can write codes, build stories, and create beautiful poems, songs, articles, and anything that you want. Although ChatGPT is great there are some other AI tools which are claiming to be better than this and also can be considered a great alternative to ChatGPT. So let’s see the other alternatives to ChatGPT and how well they function.

Bing AI

This is the obvious ChatGPT alternative from Microsoft that you can access right now and is powerful in answering questions and queries. Also, it shows you the online links and other information where you can access the data in the chat itself. Comes with three modes Creative, Balanced, and Precise to cater your needs and answer the questions accurately most of the time. Click the below link to access it.

Link –

Also comes with an AI Image Generator which is powered by Dall E, and works really well in generating images with the words you type. To access the special image generator you can visit the below link.

Link – Image Creator from Microsoft Bing

Google Bard

Google has come up with its own AI which can not only be a ChatGPT alternative but also claimed to be better than ChatGPT. It is faster and also provides far more accurate answers than its counterparts. Also it stores additional answers sometimes a shorter version which can be accessed anytime if you do not like the answer provided. Bard is only available now in the US and UK although it is coming to other countries soon.

Link –


ChatSonic is the latest AI that is trained in dialogue response generation models and it can be better than ChatGPT as it has the advantage of an integrated Google engine from where it can pull the data and show it to the users. That means the data shown is the latest and updated and also it can give the answers to most queries that even some other AI models cannot. The possibilities are endless here as it can do everything you want it to do. It has a persona mode in which you can chat with different personas and also it can generate beautiful images from text. You can access the Chatsonic AI by visiting the below link

Link –

Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat formerly known as Jarvis is an AI tool that can be an alternative to ChatGPT as it is an AI writing tool used in large companies to generate high-quality content in a short amount of time. Some good features of Jarvis AI include it can answer queries up till Summer 2021, features a ChatGPT-like interface, and also enables continuous conversations, it also uses cutting-edge technology to produce content efficiently. Access Jasper Chat by visiting the link below.

Link –

Neeva Ai

The Neeva AI merges ChatGPT and other AI models with the most current data of the Neeva Search Engine. This AI has access to the internet to get all the latest data and can be considered as an alternative to ChatGPT. It gives a tracker-free and ad-free user experience and also gives references and links in the results for additional info. You can try it out by visiting the below link.

Link –


Although, ChatGPT is famous right now we will see a lot of emerging AI chatbots in the future which will deliver better and faster answers to queries which can help our humanity and also can make our life a lot easier on the go. If you are a fan of AI then you should be patiently waiting for the new technologies and AI Chatbots that are coming to change our future.

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