Accept Calls with Amazfit Gtr 2e directly via Bluetooth earphones

Hey guys back with another video from addicted blogging channel so in this video we will see how to access the calls for the Amazfit Gtr 2e. Not only we will see how to access the calls but also we will see whether we can access the calls with the speaker on in our phone and also whether we can take the calls via the bluetooth headphones if they are connected with our phones. So as Always this video will be a sick video guys and if you are a tech enthusiast don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel and hit that bell notification icon because i will be making more videos like this so let’s start. So first of all what you need to do is configure Amazfit Gtr 2e and your phone where the call will come with the notify app. So you have to go to the notify app and once you are in the notify app you need to come to this mailbox icon and after that You need to come to this button option in the button option you will get this settings option in the settings option you will get these two buttons which can be configured for the Amazfit Gtr 2e so i will be configuring the ignore call button to answer calls. So in the ignore call button you have to click and check answer the call and after that you have to enable the speaker to get the call over the speaker itself so first we will see how it works on the Amazfit Gtr 2e and Whether it is working with the speaker enabled. So i have connected this phone with Amazfit Gtr 2e and i will be receiving a call on this number and the notification on my Amazfit Gtr 2e. So let me call this number first so i will be calling my number which is my phone number and let’s wait to receive the call here so as you can see i am receiving a call on my phone and i am getting notifications on my watch so i will be clicking this ignore call button and the call should be accepted so you can see the call connected option has been enabled and the call is running on the back. Surprisingly enough you can see that i have received a call but the speaker has not got turned on even though i have selected the option to turn on speaker after the call has been accepted so this is happening because the enable speaker option is a better feature and you can see that it Is written on here that this feature can’t work on some devices that means this feature is under development and notify is definitely working to improve this feature in the coming updates so the enable speaker option is not working right now even though we are able to accept the calls by the Amazfit Gtr 2e. So now we will connect a bluetooth headphone with this phone and see whether if we accept because we can transfer the call directly to the Bluetooth headphone itself i have this skull candy Dime here which is a tws headphone let’s connect this headphone first with my phone so before connecting i want you to see that i have already turned on the bluetooth and firstly connected Amazfit Gtr 2e with the phone itself and already a device has been connected with this phone now i will be connecting this Skullcandy Dime also and see whether it is getting connected or not let me just take out the headphones and you can see it has this auto connect feature which connects the device automatically once i take out of its case so you can see the skullcandy dime headphones are connected with my phone as the lights are getting synced here with these two headphones and also in my phone in the bluetooth option. You can See that the Skullcandy dime has been connected and it is showing that it has 100 battery so now i will take the call and see whether the call is getting transferred on this headphone only let me call this number first so i am calling my number and you can see that it is showing me that the call is incoming and let me accept it and Let me see whether i am getting the feedback from the skullcandy Dime headphones only so now we can come into the conclusion like many of the people were asking whether two devices can be connected with our phone at first place because we have already connected the Amazfit Gtr 2e and whether the skull kindly dime or other bluetooth headphones can be connected so we can see that both the devices are connected here and it is Showing that the headphone is connected and second of all whenever we are accepting the calls the call is getting transferred to the bluetooth headphone only so make sure you have to do one thing that is the enable speaker option which is there you have to disable it to make the call transfer to the bluetooth headphone so that is the only thing you need to do if you want to get the call transferred but from that we can accept the calls with the Amazfit Gtr 2e and also We can accept the calls and get the calls directly on the bluetooth headphone itself this is the thing i wanted to show you guys that it is possible to accept because by the Amazfit Gtr 2e and also accept it with the headphones connected so that’s it guys i hope you have liked this video if you like this video don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel and hit that bell notification up because i will be making more videos like this so thank You guys and have a great day thank you.

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