Best Gesture App you can download on your Android Device

Gestures are one of the most important functions of any Android Device and now you can get a full-fledged gesture app for your phone. This app will enable any gesture on your phone, from shake gestures to Air gestures, which work well on the device.

The App also lets you set normal drawing gestures and you can do anything with the gestures up there. This App is available in the Play store and most of the features in the app is free and there are some advanced features that you can try anytime later on.

Download the App from here – Gesture Suite

The App is really crazy that it even exists in the PlayStore. Once you have downloaded the app you need to give the necessary permissions to the app and once the necessary permissions are given you can activate the gestures there. You can do basic things like turn on the flashlight, open notifications to advanced options like opening apps, and play music. 

That’s not all you can even schedule the processes to be executed at a particular time and also you can just add some macros or functions which will be executed once you are opening a particular app or you are in a particular location. So it can be used as an automation and scheduling tool also which is really great.\

This App can be one of the best gesture apps available in the PlayStore and I will definitely recommend you download the app to make the most of the gestures in the phone.

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