Action Button on Steroids on Android just like on iPhone

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An App that should be there on every Android Device

Action Button on Steroids on Android just like on iPhone. Hey guys I will be discussing an app that will turn the volume keys into an action button. The feature can be also enabled in Android just like an iPhone. A lot of new features have been added to the iPhone. One of the features is the action button which does a lot of things on an iPhone.

Things to do with the Action Button on Android

You can silence your phone or you can turn on the flashlight. You can use it as a camera button also on the iPhone. The Action button can be a good feature. But now you can do all this on an Android phone. Also, this will turn all the volume keys in your phone into an action button. Clicking these volume keys will perform some action on the phone. Also some specific actions like turning on the flashlight changing the music or even toggling silent or vibrate mode.

How to Enable the Action Button on Android.

So to do this you need to download an app that will enable you to perform these actions with the volume button. The app that you need to download is Keymapper and this is not available on the Play Store but you can download it from the link below,

Configuring the App Now

Once you have downloaded it you can configure the volume keys to perform specific actions. You can also configure specific actions With the long place and short press of the buttons. Of course, you need to give the necessary permissions first. Once the permissions are given now you need to open the app. Then you need to record a trigger for which button you want to configure the action. Once you have recorded a trigger, you need to go to the action tab and specify an action that the app will perform once you click the button. There are many actions to choose from, hence choose carefully, Once done the app is configured to perform actions with the help of a click of a button.

Other Advantages

This can really come in handy because you can do you can perform some of the most used actions with the press of a button. Also, you can configure the Double click and triple click of the buttons to perform specific actions. And the best part is it also works when this screen is locked in the phone. Also, it will not interfere with the volume control on the device, you can still press the buttons to control the volume on the phone.

Download the App from Here –

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