Best Apps for the month — March 2024

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Best Apps for the month — March 2024.

This month, I’m going to share 4 apps and 1 game. I will be providing links for each app. Do try them out!

  1. Indus App Store — The Indus App Store is a relatively new app store for Android devices launched in February 2024. It focuses on the Indian market, offering:
  • Localized experience: Access apps and browse the store in 12 Indian languages.
  • Diverse app selection: Over 200,000 apps and games across various categories.
  • Support for Indian developers: Provides a platform for Indian app developers to showcase their work.

This is more beneficial to the app developers rather than the consumers as they take no cut from the in-app purchases unlike Google who charge around 25% for every in-app purchase made.

2. Flash Dim — FlashDim is an app that allows users to dim their flashlight to various brightness levels. It also offers other features such as shortcut buttons, SOS mode, and Morse code mode. The app is open source and does not collect any data.

3. Groovify — Groovifi is a playlist generator app designed for Spotify users. It lets you create playlists based on your desired mood, genre, tempo, and other musical preferences. Groovifi leverages a special algorithm to search through Spotify’s vast music library and curate playlists that perfectly match your criteria. Once created, you can save the playlists directly to your Spotify account.

4. Regain — Regain helps users be more mindful of their phone use by providing tools to manage app usage, notifications, and time. The app claims that in less than a week, users can reduce screen time by 25%, improve focus, and live a more interruption-free life and majority of the users reported positive results

5. Smash Karts — Smash is a free-for-all brawl game where up to eight players battle each other in three-minute rounds. The player with the most kills wins. Players can collect power-ups to gain advantages and customize their karts with various items. The game is easy to learn and can be played for short or long periods.

Thanks a lot for making it to the end. Hope you like the recommendations. Will make sure to come up with useful recommendations every month.

Originally Written by Kaushik N in Medium

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