Get ChatGPT AI On Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

ChatGPT is one of the best AI tools right now and it has all the answers you are talking about. However, a lot of companies are willing to integrate this ChatGPT in their smart watches and assistants. Millions of ChatGPT bots are also created. And a lot of bots will also be created in the coming years. But if I tell you that you can integrate ChatGPT now with Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, then would you be surprised? You better not as we are already living in the future, and now your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can answer all your questions with a few clicks.

So let’s see how we can get the ChatGPT in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

First, we need to install a browser in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the browser I recommend you install is the Google Chrome Browser. This browser will be best to process the ChatGPT queries in your smartwatch.

So to install Google Chrome on the watch you need to download the app first by visiting the below link

If you want to know the process to install Google Chrome you can watch the below video.

Once downloaded you need to install the Easy Fire Tools app which is in the play store by visiting the below link

Link –

Once done you have to just connect the Easy Fire Tools with the watch by giving the IP address and once done you are ready to go and install the Google Chrome browser in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Now, open Google Chrome on the watch and just open the below website.

So now is the time to face the hard truth, although the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 runs Google Chrome, you will not be able to open the website and run it on the watch as the watch screen is small and is of low resolution, and supports low dpi.

To resolve this you need to install the Bugjaeger app, which is available in the play store, and run some commands to decrease the API in the watch.

Dowload Link of Bugjaeger App-

Once installed, you need to connect the watch again by putting the same IP address in the app and then you need to open the interactive shell and put the below command to decrease the dpi of the watch.

Wm density 200

Once done you are ready to go now you need to again open the website in Google Chrome, and now the chatbot runs perfectly fine on the watch. Please authenticate with the correct credentials to login into ChatGPT on the watch.

Once done, ask anything and you will get AI on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 which you can access anytime in the watch..

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