Best Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 you should know.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 isn’t breaking new ground in the world of smartwatches, but it’s the best Android watch you can buy right now. It has a bigger battery than last year’s models, a more durable design and a new temperature sensor – but you can’t use it yet. It looks and feels the same as last year’s Galaxy Watch 4, so it’s definitely more of an iterative update than a major overhaul.

This year’s watch comes in two flavors: the $279 Galaxy Watch 5 and a slightly larger and beefier $450 Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which I also reviewed. Aside from build, sport modes and battery capacity, they have most of the same features. If you own a Galaxy Watch 4, there’s no compelling reason to upgrade unless you want a larger watch in the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro or slightly better battery life from the two newer variants. The software is largely unchanged from last year and, perhaps more importantly, you lose the fan-favorite rotating bezel found on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Better Fit this time with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

The Galaxy Watch 5 doesn’t look much different from last year’s regular Watch 4. But the bottom of the watch is now more fitted to the wrist, allowing for a comfortable fit. It comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes, similar to last year.

Software based Rotating Bezel Instead of Physical One

The biggest physical change is the absence of a physical rotating bezel, one of the key features of the Galaxy Watch line since the original model came out in 2018. Instead, the Galaxy Watch 5 uses a software-based touch edge that requires you to move your finger over the edge of the screen.

Better Snappier Performance this time.

The Galaxy Watch 5 uses the same processor as last year’s watches rather than the new Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 chip. The Watch Series 5 is responsive and loads apps quickly.

Bigger and better battery this time with Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The regular Galaxy Watch 5 lasts longer than the previous version, but not a huge leap forward. I tested the 40mm version with its 284mAh battery and it lasts around 24 hours between charges with the always-on display off. This includes sleep tracking, about an hour of GPS training, and notifications from my phone.

Fast charging allows you to charge the watch up to 45% in 30 minutes. But you’ll need a 25W USB-C charger to take advantage of this faster charging speed, and like the Apple Watch, no adapter is included in the box. I was able to charge the Galaxy Watch 5 from empty to 45% in half an hour, while the rest of the battery was charged to 100% in about 1.5 hours. The watch can also reverse wireless charging on some Samsung phones.


The Galaxy Watch 5 does a good job of being somewhere between a standard smartwatch and a fitness watch. But battery life takes a hit with all those smart features. If you push it to the limit with extended workouts, you’ll soon find yourself having to load up more often than you’d expect.

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