Best Flashlight App for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/5

Flashlights can be one of the most useful things to have in a smartwatch. However, the flashlight feature is already available in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, but there is an app with which you can get a lot of useful features regarding the flashlight on your smartwatch. The features can include some really great features like controlling the flashlight of your phone, along with changing the color of the flashlight. Also, you can set a strobing/blinking flashlight in times of emergency and also set a timer for which the flashlight will be on. So when it comes to a flashlight you are getting all the features in there with this Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the App which I am talking about can be one of the best apps you can get in the watch.

The App name is Wear Flashlight and this can be found on the Play Store.

Link –

Make sure you are installing the app on the phone and also the smartwatch as this is required to control the flashlight of your phone directly from the smartwatch itself. This is one of the apps you should need in times of emergency to get a quick flashlight from your smartwatch and the flashlight is actually really bright and easy to use on the watch.

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