How to Improve Smartwatch Battery Life

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how to improve battery life of smart watch

Smartwatch Battery can be one of the most important components of a Smart Watch. That is why you should know how to improve your Smartwatch Battery Life and make it better. If you haven’t optimized your smartwatch’s power consumption before, there are several steps you can take to extend its battery life. Here are ten ways to make your battery last longer:

The battery can be the most important component of a Smart Watch.

Minimize Unnecessary Notifications
Many users get smartwatches to receive notifications conveniently, but these notifications also consume battery power. Evaluate each app sending notifications and decide which ones are essential. While text messages may be crucial, consider whether you need every social media alert. Additionally, reconsider receiving the same alerts on both your phone and smartwatch.

Reduce the number of Recent Apps
Recent Apps can be useful, hence they are stored in the smartwatch memory so that it does not require to be loaded again and again. As running apps in the background consumes a lot of battery, it is important to clear them from time to time to increase the battery life.

Dim the Screen Brightness
While smartwatches have powerful screens, higher brightness levels drain the battery faster. Brightness settings are useful in direct sunlight but may not be necessary in other situations. If your watch has a light sensor, use it to adjust brightness automatically based on ambient light. Otherwise, experiment with different brightness percentages manually to find a balance between visual appeal and battery preservation.

Disable Always-on Display
Always-on displays are convenient for checking the time without raising your wrist, but they continuously consume the watch’s battery. For better power efficiency, it is recommended to deactivate this feature.

Deactivate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Smartwatch functionalities often rely on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. While disconnecting them entirely may not be practical, turning them off when not in use can save significant power. Many apps can still function without continuous connectivity.

Opt for a Simpler Watch Face
Smartwatches offer various interactive watch faces that display additional information. While these are useful, they also require more battery power. To conserve energy, consider using a simpler watch face that shows less information. Also, Black Amoled Watch Faces consumes less battery.

Utilize Power Saving Mode (if available)
Certain smartwatches offer a power-saving mode that automatically optimizes settings to reduce power consumption. Activating this mode can notably extend battery life. However, be aware that it may disable certain features, so test it before using it in important situations.

Disable Tilt to Wake
If you don’t use an always-on display, most smartwatches utilize tilt-to-wake or touch-to-wake features. These options allow you to activate the watch by tilting your wrist or touching the screen. Although convenient, these features require constant monitoring of your wrist and screen, leading to increased battery usage. To conserve power, consider turning off tilt to wake and touch to wake, and use the physical button to wake your watch instead.

Deactivate Voice Assistants
Smartwatches commonly feature voice assistants as an alternative to navigating a small screen manually. However, to function properly, voice assistants must listen to all audio, which consumes battery power. If you wish to save energy, consider turning off the voice assistant and enabling voice detection only when needed by pressing a button. This allows you to use voice commands without continuous battery drain.

Remove Unnecessary Apps
Having an excessive number of installed apps on your smartwatch can lead to performance issues and increased power consumption, especially if these apps run in the background. It’s advisable to review all installed apps and uninstall any that are unnecessary or rarely used. By doing so, you can improve overall performance and extend battery life.

Utilize Theater Mode
Several smartwatches offer a theater mode, enabling you to temporarily disable various features. When activated, this mode turns off notifications and prevents the screen from lighting up. It’s a useful option when you need to extend battery life for a specific period but still want your watch to resume normal functionality afterward.

Once you follow these steps you can considerably improve Smartwatch Battery Life.

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