Download Google Chrome and browse any website in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a great watch and you can install a lot of apps in the watch to make your life easier. But what if I tell you that you can download Google Chrome and use it to browse any website directly from the smartwatch. Although the Google Chrome is not there in the Google Play Store , but we can definitely download and install it on the watch by following some of the steps and use it like just any browser to download and browse websites on the go.

So to download the Google Chrome browser first thing you need to do is download the Google Chrome Apk by visiting the below link.

Once downloaded you need to install the Easy Fire Tools app and give the watch Ip Address in there which will enable to install or sideload the app on the watch. You will get the Ip address of the watch once you activate the developer options and enable the Adb debugging in there.

Once done, connect the watch with the app and try installing the Google Chrome app from the Easy Fire Tools app. It will take some time to get it installed in the watch.

Once Installed now you will find the Google Chrome App in the menu of the Smartwatch and you just need to open it on the watch.

Once opened you can use it just like you use Google Chrome browser in any devices. You can also decrease the DPI of the screen via the Budgeiger app to access the website better on the app.

Even you can watch YouTube videos and download them as per your choice, also you can download the music in the watch itself.

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