GCAM 8.9 APK Download from June 2023 Pixel Feature Drop [Google Camera 8.9 MOD APK]

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GCAM 8.9 APK from June 2023 Pixel Feature Drop [Google Camera 8.9 MOD APK] Released. The long-awaited Pixel feature drop has finally arrived alongside the June 2023 security patch. Once GCAM 8.9 APK Download is done, you can access these features, you can download the latest Gcam 8.9 APK from the June 2023 Pixel Feature Drop. The recent Feature Drop includes two significant additions to the Google Camera app.

Macro Focus

One of them is the Macro Focus feature, which enables capturing close-up shots while recording videos, but it is currently limited to the Pixel 7 Pro. If you own a different Pixel device, you can look forward to unlocking this feature for all devices by using the GCAM 8.9 MOD, which will be available soon.


Hand Gestures

With Pixel 6 and newer phones, users can now take self-timed photos by making hand gestures. By raising your palm, you can activate the timer, allowing you to capture ideal moments without the need to physically touch your device. You have the option to set the timer for either 3 or 10 seconds. It provides flexibility in capturing the desired shot. This convenient addition empowers users to effortlessly capture memorable photos.

Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser feature is now accessible to all Pixel devices without the need for a Google One subscription. Previously, it was limited to subscribers, but now anyone with a Pixel phone can use it. To access the Magic Eraser feature, simply use Google Photos.

However, if you’re eager to get the most recent Google Camera features immediately. You can download the latest GCAM 8.8 APK from the provided source.

All features of GCAM 8.9

Google Camera 8.9 brings a range of new features and enhancements. Here are the key highlights:

  1. Macro Focus feature: Pixel 7 Pro users can now enjoy the Macro Focus feature while recording videos, allowing for close-up shots with enhanced detail.
  2. Self-timed photos: You can capture self-timed photos by simply raising your palm to trigger the timer, and then setting it for either 3 or 10 seconds.
  3. Faster Night Sight: Pixel 6, 6 Pro, and other compatible devices now have an improved Night Sight mode, delivering faster and more efficient low-light photography similar to the Pixel 7.
  4. Magic Eraser availability: The Magic Eraser feature is now accessible on all Pixel phones, eliminating the requirement of a Google One subscription.
  5. Quick settings button: The top quick settings button now displays corresponding icons for each capture mode, providing a more intuitive user experience.
  6. Video settings indication: For video capture, the quick settings display the current quality settings and indicate whether “Speech Enhancement” is enabled or disabled.
  7. Motion mode shutter icon: The shutter icon for the motion mode has been updated specifically for Pixel 6 and newer devices.
  8. Modes tab animation: An animation has been added to the “Modes” tab, creating a smooth and visually pleasing transition when opening.
  9. Frequent Faces feature: The previously disabled “Frequent Faces” feature has been reintroduced, allowing for easier access and recognition of familiar faces.

Specific changes for Pixel 7 and 7 Pro

Additionally, specific changes have been made for Pixel 7 and 7 Pro devices:

  • Updated zoom slider interface.
  • Night Sight now offers a shooting interval selection ranging from 3 to 6 seconds, applicable to both manual and automatic Night Sight in Camera mode.
  • Cinematic mode is introduced as a new shooting mode.
  • The quick settings in video mode now include a 10-bit-HDR switch.
  • A switch for “Auto Macro” has been added to the settings exclusively for the Pixel 7 Pro.

These updates and additions aim to enhance the camera experience and offer more versatile and convenient options for Pixel users.

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