Get Full-Fledged Whatsapp on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

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Whatsapp is one of the best communication apps when it comes to social media and now you can install the full-fledged WhatsApp on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, and the best thing is the WhatsApp app works well on the watch. You can chat with the person, you can share files, you can share location, and you can even share audio and documents just like the regular WhatsApp app in our Android. Let’s find out how we can install WhatsApp easily on the Samsung galaxy watch 4.

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First, you need to get the WhatsApp app which will help you to install the app on the watch. You need to visit the below link to download the particular version of WhatsApp apk on the watch.

Link –

Once you download you are ready to go and you need to install the easy fire tools app which is available in the Play Store. This app is used to sideload third-party apps in the Samsung galaxy watch 4.

Download Link for Easy Fire Tools –

Next, you need to open the easy fire tools app and put the IP address which you will get once you activate the wifi debugging option. Also, the app and watch should be connected to the same wifi network to get connected. Once done, you can click on connect, and then transfer the app to the watch and install it from the easy fire tools app.

Once it is installed, now you need to decrease the dpi of the screen in Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 as the app needs to be run in lower resolution to scan the QR code in the watch. So to decrease the dpi install the budgerigar app and once done you need to again put the IP address and connect the watch and run the command, wm density 180 to decrease the screen resolution in the watch.

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Once done, now you need to open WhatsApp and follow the standard procedure to log in, and once logged in it will show you the QR code which you need to scan from the Whatsapp app on your phone. Once you come to the linked devices and scan the QR code you are ready to login into WhatsApp on your watch.

This is the final step, and once logged in you are ready to use it on your watch and as well as on your phone, one thing to note is that the same WhatsApp will be activated on the watch and your phone which will definitely help you to reply and view messages from both devices and that really will change the way we use WhatsApp on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

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