How to Update apps on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to enjoy all the latest features

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has been a great watch and a lot of features have been added recently. One of the features is the Spotify DJ AI feature which curates a personalized playlist of music, including episodes of favorite podcasts and songs from the user’s heavy rotation. Also, a lot of new tiles are added for the seamless playing of music via this Spotify app and this gives a real personalized music experience on the watch.

These types of features can be accessed only by updating the apps on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and these are the steps you need to follow to update apps and get all the features that are coming on this smartwatch.

You need to go to the play store and then scroll down and click on manage apps.

Once you click on my apps you will get the update option. Just press the update all on there and all the apps will be updated in the play store so that you can enjoy the latest features that are coming into these apps.

It is super easy and useful as a lot of features are getting added make sure you are updating the apps in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 via the play store and also make sure you have signed up for the beta program of the apps to get extra features for the Samsung Galaxy watch 4.

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