Shake your device to take screenshots directly on your Android phone.

So taking screenshots can be really hectic if you are using your phone and if you want to take a specific screenshot you have to just hold on to the volume down and power key. But now the options have changed as you can take a screenshot by just shaking your Android device. This can be done by installing an app that can help to take the screenshot on your phone very very easily. Also, you can take scrolling screenshots and take specific parts of the screen as screenshots as this app comes with an image editor too. So I have already tested it on my phone and it is working really really well.

So to do this you need to install an app and this app is available on the play store, I am sharing the app link below from where you need to install it.

Once you install the app you need to give the necessary permissions which are required to take a screenshot and once you have given all the permissions now you can just take a screenshot in multiple ways. The first way is also known as the easiest way where you need to tap on the floating button one time to take the screenshot. And lastly, also you can shake your device to take the screenshot directly on the phone which is really great as it can increase the efficiency in taking the screenshot.

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