Get Dynamic Island in Nothing Phone 1

A few days back Apple launched a new series of devices and among them, iPhone 14 Pro is one of the best iPhones you will be getting right now and the best feature of this phone is the dynamic island so apple has integrated this into their iPhones to height nodes and also to make the area of the notch a lot more useful by showing you all the notifications and All the other things like the music playback and everything and in the network one you can get a similar type of feature you can get the notification just like you will be getting in the iPhone 14 pro like the dynamic island so in this video we will discuss how you can get the dynamic island feature on the new nothing phone one so as always this video will be a sick video guys and if you are a tech enthusiast don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel and Hit that bell notification up because I will be making more videos like this. Here i will be sending a message to my knighting phone one on whatsapp and you can see the notification i am getting is exactly like the dynamic island which is there on the iphone 14 pro and definitely it will be exactly like the other notification you can reply from there you can tap on that notification to go directly to the app so for this you need To download one app which is coming with the name age mask so this is the app which you need to download and once you have downloaded this to open this app and configure few of the settings of this app to get the notifications like the dynamic island india so once you open the app you will be prompted with a lot of notifications to get all the necessary permissions to display the notifications definitely you have to activate all these permissions and once You have activated you will get this ok symbol so i have already activated all the permissions which are required since this app is on the play store so definitely it is a safe app to use so now after giving all the necessary permission you need to come to the message option and here you have to configure the notification style which replicates exactly the dynamic island on the iphone so here you will get a lot of notification styles and you have to Select this samsung message style to get that notification effect which is on the iphone so you just need to enable it and once you enable you will see that you will get the notification on your phone to see whether this is activated or not once it is activated you need to do some of the configuration so you need to click on this settings icon and here in the background color you have to Select the black color and in the message color you have to select the white color just like what i have selected and here overlays on lock screen you have to enable it and in the size and duration you can configure it as per your choice so you can just configure the position of the notification by clicking on this vertical option so as i will be increasing it it will come down and as i will be decreasing it it will go up so You have to configure it where you will be having the hole punch notch it will be more effective if you are having the notch in the middle so once you have configured this settings need to come back and here you need to enable the option blocking the system headset and also the sound duplicate prevent so what it will do it will block duplicate notifications because we will also receive the notifications from the whatsapp app this is the system Notification it will just disable that so that you will be getting only one notification at a time once you have configured it it will be ready to be used it will work with any of the app not only whatsapp so whenever i will be receiving a notification i will be getting the notification like the dynamic island which is there in the apple and you can see i will also get the notification on the notification panel so that i can reply from there so This is a really good customization feature you will be getting on the nothing phone one to get the dynamic island like notifications on this phone and it is also really really easy to configure or any of the android phones up there so i just wanted to show you about this app which can really spice up the notifications which you will be receiving on your phone as it becomes boring to use your phone every single day and if you can just change or Customize the notification settings on your phone like dynamic island that will be a really added bonus you will be getting on this nothing phone one so i hope you have liked this video if you like this video don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel and hit that bell notification up because i will be making more videos like this so thank you guys have a great day.

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