Whatsapp’s New Feature to Lock Chats is Coming Soon.

Whatsapp is adding a lot of new features and another feature to lock its app is coming soon to their app. With this additional feature, users will be able to lock their Whatsapp app using a passcode, fingerprint, or Face ID. This will definitely strengthen the privacy of the app and how the app works overall just giving more control and security to the app. Whatsapp is building this new feature silently and will be added soon to the devices with an update. 

The Chat Lock feature will also enable people to lock particular chats to keep them hidden from other people and also from the notification bar and only will be shown once the passcode is given.

Also, the locked chats will be moved to a separate tab where it can access just like the archive section and this feature will be there for both personal and group chats. This feature will also hide the media files along with the Photos, Video, and Audio, and also these files will not be saved in the gallery even though the auto-save feature will be turned on.

Also Whatsapp is strengthening other privacy features like disappearing messages, ephemeral audio (playable once audio file), and also granular controls for groups and more. Whatsapp has been one of the biggest messaging giants and it is getting improved day by day to keep track of emerging technology and also thus getting better overall.

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