Apps that let you track your Fitness even without a Smart Watch

Fitness trackers were in trend for a long long time and you can do a lot of things with these trackers so called Smart Watches like you can measure your heart rate and step count and also the distance and overall fitness and improve your health. Although these fitness trackers have improved, you can now track your fitness even if you don’t have a smartwatch with only an Android device and you can definitely improve your health and overall fitness by tracking your health data with these Apps.

So here we will discuss some of the best fitness tracking apps which you can use on your Android device to track your fitness even if you don’t have a smartwatch.

Samsung Health

The Samsung health app has been a great app and this app can track your fitness data even if you don’t have a smartwatch. This app not only can track your fitness data but also your sleep data along with some of the health data which can be only tracked by high-end smartwatches. The App can track all your fitness data automatically whenever there is an activity, and also sync the data later on with the smartwatch. Samsung Health also has a dedicated fitness section where it offers some tailored workouts, relaxing music, strip stories and also guided meditations. Also, there are training programs that you can try from the App. Also, the app comes with Health Connect support which is an unified global platform to sync the data with other fitness apps and devices. A really good app to track all your fitness data and keep it on your Android device even if you don’t have a smartwatch.

The App can track the following things when connected with the accessories.

  • Daily activity
  • Heart rate
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Body composition
  • Stress
  • Bloody oxygen
  • Blood pressure
  • Food and water
  • Blood glucose
  • Cycle tracking

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Google Fit

Google Fit is another app with which you can track your fitness without any fitness device like smartwatch and also you can activate automatic workout detection along with several features in this app. The app can be a hidden gem if you are a fitness enthusiast and this app is available in the play store.

It can track the following things in the health and fitness category.

  • Steps
  • Calories burned
  • Distance
  • Elevation
  • Move Minutes
  • Heart Points (more on these below)

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With the introduction of Heart Points, you can also track your app data and step count every single day to improve your overall fitness and the Heart Points will be awarded whenever you will be doing a really good activity or complete a goal that will be mentioned in this app.

These are some of the Apps with which you can track your fitness data directly via an Android device. However, more Apps are available and we will add the notable among them soon.

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