Upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 features you should Know

The Galaxy Watch 4 has been a huge success for Samsung and also the Galaxy Watch 5 although packed with similar specifications has got a lot of attention from the masses in recent times as it comes with all the Wear Os features at a good price point. The Galaxy Watch 6 series is also going to release this year and here I am going to discuss the new features of the watch.

Samsung is going to release the Galaxy Watch 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 pro in late August and they will pack a lot of things that will be similar to Watch 5 with some added new features in there.

Here are some of the features that we know Samsung may add in their release.

  • Curved Display

Samsung is planning to add a curved display to make the Galaxy Watch 6 visually appealing and give it a stylish look. Also, the Sapphire Glass will be added for protection in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro and Gorilla Glass for Watch 6 for added protection. This can definitely change the way the watch looks from its predecessor.

  • Battery Life

The battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 can be increased from its predecessor to give it a better battery life. As we all know the battery is the department which Samsung needs to work on their watches, it can get improved in the coming Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series which is good. We can expect 10W or better charging support in these smartwatches.

  • Software

Samsung will keep the same Android Support in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series, meaning there is no Apple iPhone support. Also with lots of watch faces and App support, it can make it one of the best Wear Os watches in there. Also, the Bioactive Sensor will be one of the best reliable sensors to track health and fitness data along with Sleep Monitoring and other features.

  • New Feature

Samsung may add a new feature in the coming versions of the Galaxy Watch where we can project display from the watch itself. It can be really useful if we are planning to watch a movie in a bigger screen and we can project the contents directly and watch it there. A valid Patent has been filed by Samsung in recent times which suggests the feature will be added soon in the coming iteration of the smartwatch.

  • Pricing

The pricing will be ranging from the cheapest Galaxy Watch 6 only Gps Version at 279$ to the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro at 499$ which will host both Gps and cellular connectivity.

  • Verdict

We are all waiting for the smartwatch to release and although right now we can only guess the features of the watch from valid leaks and news, we are expecting a good feature-packed Wear Os smart watch from Samsung. 

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