Google Bard is ready and you can get early access to this AI

Google Bard has been released recently to compete with Chat GPT, one of the most popular AI services. As Chat GPT 4 has been released, Google allowed users early access to the new Bard AI in selected countries. 

Bard is based on a bite-sized version of the company’s language model LaMDA and is an experimental conversational AI service. Google has opened early access to this AI so that it can gather data from users and use it for training and feedback to make the AI better.

Also, Google is focusing on safety and security as it will limit the maximum number of chats and dialogue in AI, keeping in mind the dangers of AI and unintentionally being misused or spreading misinformation. Also, Google Will be using only user feedback to make the AI better in the long run and improve its systems.

The process to Sign up for Google Bard AI Right Now

Users need to head over to Google Bard’s Official website where they can sign up and also join the waiting list.

Link of official website –

Although there are some limitations, one is users cannot sign up with a Google workspace account. Second, it is only available now for users in US and UK, although you can use VPN to access the website and join the waitlist. The company has told that it will expand support to more countries in the coming days soon.

Bard AI will be a great alternative to already available Chat GPT and it will provide alternatives to already available AI systems in the future. Also with time it can be a lot better and affordable and will compete with the best open AI systems that will be available in the future.

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