Finally Real Whatsapp App is released for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/5.

Finally, WhatsApp, the famous instant messaging platform, has launched an official Wear OS app that enables users to utilize the messaging application from their Wear OS-based smartwatches.

With the official release of the WhatsApp Wear OS app, smartwatches powered by Wear OS like the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 can help users with direct access to their chats, allowing them to stay connected from their wrists via the smartwatches.

Once you access a chat, you can easily navigate through your previous conversations by scrolling down and up. You can choose to respond to messages either by utilizing voice messages or the system keyboard. Also, you can see the blue tick in the chats once the chat is read and also you can share Emojis and smileys in the conversation. In the case of group chats, you can view the ‘People in this conversation’ and ‘Open On Phone’ options once you scroll to the end which is an added advantage.

To begin using WhatsApp on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/5, you must first pair it up by entering the 8-digit code displayed on your watch onto your phone Whatsapp App.

Once paired, WhatsApp will synchronize all your chats from your phone to your Wear OS device, and the communication will be end-to-end encrypted for enhanced security. Also, the same Whatsapp will be activated on your phone and on your smartwatch. You can easily identify unread messages through the round complication feature of WhatsApp’s Wear OS app and also you will get a notification at the same time. Additionally, the app offers two ‘WhatsApp Contacts Tiles, enabling you to quickly access a person, while the ‘WhatsApp Voice Message Tile lets you start recording your message without delay which is really great.

To Get the WhatsApp Wear OS app, you must first enroll in the beta program by clicking on the designated link in the Play Store. Ensure that the WhatsApp app on both your Android phone and smartwatch is operating on v2.23.10.10 or higher in order for them to work seamlessly.

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