Hidden Features in Nothing Phone 1 After Update.

Hey guys back with a video for my Addicted Blogging Channel and in this video I will be discussing about the secret tricks which you can do with the netting phone one and few of them are there which I recently added after the update so the Nothing phone 1 is getting a lot of updates and the new updates are making this phone better and better and adding few of the new Features also in this phone which can be really useful so we will see few of the features and the secret tips and tricks which we can perform VT netting phone one so as always this video will be a sick video guys and before it again to say don’t forget to like And subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell notification up because I will be making more videos like this so nothing fun one as we all know comes with a stock Android UI and most of the things are Really simple here so they tried at the beginning to keep the camera app also simple but they have added a new feature that is the beauty feature in the portrait mode so if I go to the portrait mode as you can see you will get this little icon in the bottom left corner as we see with most of the phones nowadays there’s a beauty feature built in The netting phone one has also introduced this new feature which can really make you look good while clicking the Pictures at the same time they have given this slider with which you can just increase and decrease the strength of beauty mode which is really great so this you will only get in the portrait mode so this is a great little addition to the already stock camera app of The netting phone one so we all know that the design of The netting phone one resembles the iPhone and although they have not said it openly they have tried to copy a lot of things from the iPhone And at some point they have copied some of the software aspects of Apple also so if we go to the Face Unlock of this phone in the security option you will see there will be a option of Face Unlock and if we click on that you will see that we will get the option to unlock with mask so this is a feature which has been there with the netting phone one and is not present in a lot of phones nowadays as you all know that due to pandemic we are using mask for some Places they have added this option so that the phone gets unlocked even if you are wearing the mask and this feature is available in the iPhone so this is a really nice addition or hidden feature internet in phone one that can be really really useful so the next feature is a very very important feature so whenever we will be reading something on this phone or using the phone for some continuous activity the screen will turn off after a definite time so this can be A real hassle because you have to then again unlock the phone to read the content over there or do the activity of this phone so to tackle that they have added one hidden feature on the display if we go to display in the screen timeout they have added the screen attention option so what this will do is until and unless you are not looking at the phone the screen will not turn off by itself so it will be really useful if you are reading any content or any Article on the phone and it will use its front camera to detect your eyes are looking on the phone and it will not dim or switch off the display as long as you are looking on this phone so this is also a really good feature they have added and this can be a really useful feature at times when you will be reading or doing some continuous activity on this phone next is the feature for floating windows so this phone supports floating windows by Default and it is really really easy to activate the floating windows so you just need to click on this recent tabs button and you will get the apps which are open in the background you have to click on this icon and you will get the option of pop-up views the pop-up View and floating windows are the same and you can see now it has transformed the Google Chrome in to a floating window and now you can just do whatever you want in the background of this phone and You can also resize or just browse the internet as per your choice this is a really good feature also if you want to multitask on this phone definitely this will be coming in handy and it supports few of the apps right now even the YouTube app is supported so really really good feature they have added in The netting phone one which is the pop-up view feature and it will definitely help you with the multitasking in this phone so we all Know that privacy is a major issue with any of the phones out there and in Android phones we need to keep track which apps we are giving permissions for which of the features in this phone so to see all the permissions which you have given to the apps in a phone you just need to come to the Privacy option and they have added a privacy dashboard which is a really really nice feature and this is a hidden feature in this phone so you can check from from here Which app is taking which permission and you can just rework the apps which you don’t want to give permission or which are unknown to you or are suspicious from here so this is a really really nice feature and it will not only show you which permission it is take but it will also show you when and at what time they have accessed my location so this is really really nice and they will also show you in this date and time format and this will really make things easy to Know which app is taking which permission and you can have an idea of the permissions you have given to all the apps in your phone just take action accordingly next season feature is regarding the gestures in The netting phone one you can now quickly open the camera by just clicking the power button in this phone and to do that you just need to click two times the power button and the camera will be opening by itself so to activate this you need to just go To settings settings you need to go to system and in the system you will get the option of gestures and in gestures you will get the option to quickly open the camera which is a nice addition to the already added features in this phone so anytime if you need to open the camera you can just click two times the power button to launch the camera app to click pictures and videos in this phone so last but not least although the netting phone one comes with a stock UI It has the inbuilt game mode in there so to access the game mode you need to come to these settings and under system you will see a game mode is available and the game mode is there to do certain things like it can definitely turn off the notifications and also it will help you to prevent team stats while you will be gaming on this phone and the apps which are required to be in the game mode or any games you can add it from here so definitely recommend you to add The games so that there will be no distractions while gaming and also it will prevent dmist touch prevention which is a real concern while gaming industry screen phones so this is a really nice touch from The netting as the game mode is in build in this phone and this is a hidden feature which you should explore in the nothing formed one so these are some of the hidden features and secret tricks you can get in this netting phone one and a lot of features Are also getting added with the updates in this phone so definitely I will make video on these secret features which will be added and definitely it will make your life a lot easier and better as you will be knowing all the tips and tricks regarding this phone so that’s it guys I hope you have liked this video If you like this video don’t forget to like And subscribe to my channel hit that Bell notification up because I will be making more videos like this thank you Guys have a great day thank you.

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