Biggest Update Received In the Nothing Phone 1.

Hey guys finally the biggest update has come today in nothing phone one and this update has changed everything about this phone all the bugs all the issues in this phone most of them are fixed and we will see what are the new features that are added with this update for this phone and whether this phone will be the Right choice to buy in 2022 right here right now so as always this video will be this sick video guys and if you are taken to say yes don’t forget to like And subscribe to my channel hit that Bell notification up because I will be making more videos like this so first of all the netting phone one is a really really good phone with all the latest features of there and with the update it has become one of the best phones you can buy in the price point of 30 to 35 000 rupees and this phone comes with all the features of the flagship devices with few compromises in there so yesterday I was just browsing my phone and a notification popped up that a system update is available and right now the phone is running on nothing was 1.1.4 that means it has come a long way from The netting OS 1 and this update has become one of the most important updates for this phone so with this update what are the new features that Are added to this phone so first of all they have added the navigation bar which is at the bottom and you can now flip the buttons of the navigation bar so previously what used to happen is there was a fixed button in the navigation bar that means the back button and the multitasking button cannot be interchanged but now it can be interchanged with new updates so to change the position of the navigation buttons you have to come to the settings Of this phone and once you are in the settings you need to come to system and if the system you will get this option of gestures so in the gestures if you click on there you will see the option of system navigation if you click there you can now just change the position of the buttons by clicking on the settings icon you can just click on this back button on the right side to get the back button on the right side or if your preference is on the left you can do That so this is a really nice addition to the already added features of the netting phone one and with the navigation bar you can obviously control the phone effectively and if you don’t want the navigation bar you can also choose to digestion navigation which is just swiping left or right from the home screen to go back or select things in the phone so this is a really good thing which you will be getting 80 nothing phone one and the second feature which Is added is related to the nothing year one app so the nothing company has also the nothing year one earphones in the lineup you can now customize gestures and controls with the netting your one and also you can switch noise cancellations and more settings in The netting A1 if you have one so you can now control each and everything within a thing here one from the nothing phone one definitely this is an added benefit who are having the net in your one Earphones the third is the most important update you will be getting witty netting phone one that is this phone now supports the lhdc high definition audio so lhdc stands for low latency high definition audio so this is an audio codec which will definitely improve the sound of The netting phone one and I have seen a major Improvement in this sound with the earphones in The netting phone one definitely it has boosted the sound and definitely the Sound is a lot better after the update in The netting phone one you can hear extremely good details in the sound of this phone although this phone doesn’t come with Dolby Atmos or any other audio enhancement like other phones this phone can really deliver high definition audio right now and the biggest bug of the nothing phone one is also fixed that is previously when I used to listen to music I used to have a lot of hiccups and also glitches in the sound and that Thing has been totally fixed so this can be the most important update 14 nothing fun one and now even if I am listening to music with my Bluetooth earphones I am not getting any glitches or hiccups in the sound that means they have improved the audio a lot and also deal latency of the audio has been improved and while you will be gaming in this phone you will hear this sound exactly as per the game there will be no lag in the audio which will come from this Phone into your earphones so this is a major major Improvement in the audio department from the nothing from one so this is definitely a phone now to consider if you listen to music a lot and if you consume a lot of content in this phone the next feature which is improved in this phone is obviously the camera the camera now has a lot of features which has been added so if I open the camera you can see the usual interface 40 nothing phone one you will Get the minimalist UI in there and definitely now you can add some of the features like you can add in nothing watermark in the photos so to do that you need to go to the settings and once you are in the settings you can see the watermark option has been added and you can also choose which Watermark to display there is a Time Watermark there is a model Watermark so definitely if I just click the picture with the watermark on you will see that the Watermark and the time will be displayed on the photo this is a really good thing and definitely it is in the same dot matrix style and I will prefer to keep the watermark on for few days obviously and there is a major improvements in the ultrawide camera so previously what used to happen is the ultrawide camera was not capturing as much detail as the normal camera of this phone but now you will be getting a lot better color saturation and color in the ultrawide Camera also but to my eye it is not that much improved but definitely improved from the last version of camera so if I just click two pictures you will be able to see although there is not not enough light in this room if I just click the ultrawide and the normal photo of this speaker you will see there is a definite Improvement in the color so this is the ultrawide shot the details are really good in the ultra wise shot right now and obviously the main camera will Capture more and more details in there and a better looking photo will be the main camera but the ultrawide has also been improved and definitely The netting phone one is making these changes which are required to improve the camera in this phone and definitely it is getting better day by day also there are minute improvements like you will be getting now a improved stability while shooting the video via this phone and also it will detect moving objects better that Means it will be able to focus on the objects a lot better than the previous version of algorithms also you will be getting a minute increase in the shooting speeds so definitely it will help you to capture the photos more faster and with a lot more fluidity in this phone so the major major Improvement departments are the audio and the camera and these are the most important departments in any phone you can say so they are trying to improve The really important Departments of the phone that is the camera and the audio which is a good thing about the netting phone one more improvements are there which is the reduced battery consumption on the always on display so nothing phone one comes with a really good always on display and you can see this always on display will be always on that means you don’t need to tap the phone to wake up the always on display it will be always on so definitely it looks good But it consumes a lot of battery also so in that department nothing has really worked and you can see a really good animation also when you will be unlocking the phone from the always on display so measure improvements India always on display and the battery consumption by the always on display has been also reduced so right now the nothing found one is giving me around six to seven hours of screen on time and video always on display I was getting Around four to five hours but definitely it has got a little bit of increase with always on display now I can get more than five hours with you always on display turned on so definitely this is one thing to consider although I am not a heavy user of this phone right now so if you are planning to use the always on display in this phone definitely you can do that and the other improvements include the improved thermal performance so I have experienced very less hitting In this phone while playing games the only time the phone used to hit is while charging but that is also now reduced so when it comes to hitting anything above 47 degree Celsius is a major concern but I have not seen the temperature to rise to that extent when I will be charging the temperature can rise to 40 to 41 but that’s all all so you can definitely use the phone without any worries in the thermal department and there is another most important update which is the Improved phase unlock algorithm so previously you have seen that the face unlock of The netting phone one is really not at all good because previously we used to face a lot of issues while unlocking this one with our face but now they have improved the algorithm and whenever I am pointing it to my face it is opening the phone a lot faster and better so definitely this is also amazing Improvement so they have improved the face unlock algorithm also So definitely a thing to consider is the improved Face Unlock algorithm and these are some of the bug fixes that are the network issues it has fixed it has issues with incoming calls that is also fixed and definitely this is hilarious because I am not seeing any phone to mention Bank name in their updates but this netting phone one has mentioned it they have fixed some HDFC Bank app fingerprint issue but I think it can be fixed with dhdfc bank app not an update I guess but they have improved the fingerprint issue and there are General bug fixes so these are the major updates 80 nothing phone one the most important ones is they have fixed the audio which was the most horrifying bug I have found in a phone as I was getting glitches while hearing two music via the Bluetooth earphones but now they have fixed it so I definitely could work they have done with the audio in this phone they have now introduced the low latency High definition audio also which is a really good thing and the camera also has been improved with the new netting phone one the ultra wide camera color calibration has definitely improved in this phone so the major Destinies whether this is a phone to consider right here right now so if you are planning to buy any phone yes this phone can be considered and this phone is one of the most unique looking phones you will be getting in this price point you Are searching for a phone which will give you a good overall performance without any lag and also comes with good camera and good audio it is fun you can consider but if you are a heavy gamer or a heavy user of this phone if you play games all the time the phone doesn’t come with a Snapdragon 8 Gen processor it has a weaker processor than that so in that case you can search for other better options in there so that’s it guys want to tell you that this phone Has come with the most important update and definitely a lot of improvements have come to the recent updates so that’s it guys I hope you have liked this video If you like this video don’t forget to like And subscribe to my channel hit that Bell notification because I will be making more videos like this thank you guys have a great day thank you [Music]

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