Lets explore the Calculator App for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Hey guys back with another video for my Addicted Blogging channel and in this video, we will see the calculator app in the Samsung Galaxy watch 4. So the Samsung galaxy watch 4 has been a great watch and the calculator app has been one of the most interesting apps in this smartwatch so we will see all the features of the calculator app and whether the calculator app can perform complex calculations or not also we will see how the app looks and at the end of the video we will see a nifty little feature with which we can do calculations in this watch other dandy calculated app so as always this video will be a sick video guys and if you are taken to cs don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel and hit that bell notification up because i will be making more videos like this so let’s start so i have with Me the samsung galaxy watch for and you can see how beautiful this watch is this is one of the premium segments smartwatches which has all the features of the premium segment smartwatch and obviously it comes with the calculator app which you can access in this smartwatch so we have already seen the calculator app in the msb gts3 smartwatch which is a great smartwatch on its own so if you have not seen the calculator app in the msvgts3 i will Leave a link in the top right corner so you can see from there so first of all in the samsung galaxy watch 4 you will get the calculator app by default and you don’t need to install any app to get the calculator app the calculated app will be there and you can just access it from the watch itself so to access it you just need to swipe up and you will see a lot of apps will be installed and in there you will see this icon which is the calculator app in this watch so After clicking on the icon you will see a full flesh calculator will be visible to you and it has this really nice green and red color to it so let’s perform some calculations in there and see whether it is working or not so i will perform some multiplication in here so to multiply you can see i have the multiplication symbol and i can do any of the calculations in here i am amazed that we are able to do calculations in a Full-fledged calculator from this type of small screen and once you are using the calculator you will see you can view the history also here so you are doing some calculations in there and you want to see the previous calculations which you have done obviously you will get that from the history and you will see the results in there this is really great and if you Don’t want the history you can also clear the history from here and also you have this symbol in the down so you can also do scientific calculations in there like square root plus minus percentage brackets and everything so really nice calculator you will be getting with this work and it will really help you to do big calculations also so once you have done the calculation you can just swipe left to Go back and you can also definitely use this back key which is the second button in this watch so the calculator app has been a great app in this watch and definitely it can solve some really interesting maths problem in there so now let’s see what is that feature which you can use to do other nifty calculations also apart from the calculator app so sometimes if you are not able to access the calculator app you can use another app with which you Can do the calculations so for that you just need to press and hold the first button up there and once you are holding it you will see the bixby in the samsung galaxy watch 4 will be activated so to use the bixby you need to just download the galaxy ware app which is the official app for the samsung galaxy watch for and once you have installed this app you are free to use the bixby in there so to first activate the bixby users need to go to The app list in your watch and you will be able to see the bixby app on your samsung galaxy watch for so this is the bixby app and once you will be clicking on there you will get a notification on your phone where you need to get the credentials of the samsung galaxy account and log in into your bixby so once you have logged in you are free to use bixby and you can just search in here to go to bixby also so bixby is Similar to alexa which is in the misfit watches and you can do a lot of things with the bixby app which is there for the samsung galaxy watch for so once you have activated the bixby you just need to click and hold this first button and you will be seeing that you are getting this screen which is the big space screen in here so with the bixby you can also perform some nifty calculations and you can do some complex calculations also let’s see Whether bixby is able to solve mathematical equations or not here so i will do some calculations with the bixby what is 55 multiplied by 55 so you can see i can do the calculation with the bixby also i don’t need to go to the calculator up there so let’s do some more calculations what is the square root of 144 it’s 12. so not only you are getting the Calculations on the watch but you are also getting voice feedback so with voice feedback even if you are not looking at the screen you will be able to know the answer to the calculations so which is really great and let’s perform something big like what is twenty-five thousand two hundred twenty-four multiplied by sixty thousand five hundred fifty 555. the answer is 1.52 74 39 320. So i think the bixby is better than the calculator which is present in the watch because it can do all types of calculations via the voice commands and it gives voice feedback also so the calculator app is also there and if you want to do something very very quick without typing anything on the small little screen of the calculator app you can do that also with the help of bixby and Here it can be a problem to do the calculation sometimes because this is a really really small screen this is a smart watch first of all the smartwatch typing can be a bit of a challenge sometimes and you can get this solution to this problem with the bixby itself because bixby is a really really good voice assistant in this watch which solves most of the problems including the calculations which you can do on the go with this watch so that’s it Guys i just wanted to show you the calculator app and also wanted to let you know that you can do the calculations with the bixby app also in the samsung galaxy watch 4. so i hope you have liked this video if you like this video don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel and hit that bell notification up because i will be making more videos like this thank you guys have a great day thank you [Music]

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