Activate Zen Mode in the Nothing Phone 1.

We have seen that Zen Mode is one of the best features available in the OnePlus devices as it removes unwanted distractions and notifications and helps us stay focused and have peace of mind. It also shuts down the phone usage as the apps and other features in the phone will not be accessible once you activate the Zen mode and the only thing which works is that you can only receive incoming calls once the mode is activated.

This feature is only available in the OnePlus devices but now you can get the same feature in the Nothing Phone 1 easily. 

To get this feature you need to download one App which will help you to get the Zen Mode in the Nothing Phone 1 also. The App works like a charm as it will block all the notifications and Apps on the Phone apart from the incoming calls, which will help you focus on other essential things and complete the work without any distractions. Also, you will not be able to access anything on the phone, as all the apps and features will not be available after the app is activated. So this will be the best app to keep your focus and also will improve overall productivity.

The app name is Lock My Phone and you can download it from this link –

Once downloaded you need to just select the time for which you want your phone to be locked and then start the timer there. Once the timer starts you will not be able to use your phone apart from receiving incoming calls on your phone, and all apps and notifications will be blocked.

So this is a must-have app if you are using the Nothing Phone 1 to boost productivity and help you to minimize distractions in this phone.

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