Flip DND – Get the Google Pixel Feature on Any Android Phone

This can save a lot of time as It can keep you from distractions and let you focus on your important things when you can flip your phone to enter the do not disturb mode on your phone. This comes by default in the Nothing phone and Google pixel phones but now you can do this with any of the Android phones. This can be done by installing an app that will help to turn on DND whenever you are flipping your phone or keeping your phone outside down.

The App Name is Flip DND: Flip to shhh..shush! And it is very easy to install from the play store. Just install this app on your phone and give the necessary permissions and once given you can flip your phone to make it into dnd mode. So there are multiple apps which are similar to this app and you can use them as well.

Link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.urbandroid.dnd

It should work with any phone and definitely it is a really good way to keep yourself less distracted and also focus on the work which were doing.

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